Rise of the Academy Rosters: Minnesota Rokkr

It has recently been announced that the Minnesota Rokkr and Toronto Ultra have acquired academy rosters to play within the Challengers circuit. This is amazing news for helping build the foundation of the circuit and continue to bring new viewers to the highest level of amateur play.

Academy rosters aren’t new to the CDL as Atlanta FaZe, London Royal Ravens, and LA Guerrillas have had rosters in the past. Current CDL starters Daunte “Sib” Gray, Byron “Nastie” Plumridge, and Dylan “Nero” Koch played within said academy rosters and performed well enough to make it to the League. With more organizations invest into more rosters, we could see this become a viable pipeline for talented amateurs to make it to the CDL.

Minnesota Rokkr Academy

Minnesota was the first CDL franchise to announce an academy roster for the Call of Duty Vanguard season just two weeks ago. They signed the Spanish team “Young Galactics” that consists of:

-Juan “Jurnii” Antonio González Muñoz
-Alejandro “Lucky” López
-Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano
-José “ReeaL” Manuel Fernández
-Ángel “envdiaN” Miranda [Coach]

It was an excellent acquisition by the Rokkr, signing the squad that has already captured the majority of championships in the EU Challengers circuit. They have an average placement of 1.75 currently, won the Stage 1 Elite EU, won 4 out of 6 Challenger Cups (finished 2nd in Cup 4), and have already auto-qualified for the Stage 2 Elite EU. It’s an incredible start for the Spanish side, as they look to continue that success under the Rokkr banner.

Stage 1 Elite EU Breakdown

The Elite circuit is one of the biggest tournaments with the Challengers system. It takes the best 8 teams in the EU & NA regions and locks them against each other. Going under “Young Galactics”, Jurnii & Co finished the group stage 6-1 with a 20-8 map count. Their lone loss was to “Money Form” in the first group stage match. In the Playoffs, they’d steamroll through the competition to win the first championship over newly acquired Toronto EU Academy. Here are the individual stats for the Rokkr Academy players over the first Elite:

-Jurnii played very well in the aggressive role, finishing with a 86.30 slayer rating. He led the team with 58.11 engagements per 10 minutes in Hardpoint (2nd best in the EU Elite) and 43.77 engagements per 10 minutes in Control. This aggression was key to opening the map and applying constant pressure.

-Lucky was arguably the best EU Challengers player, if not best in the entire World during the first Elite. He finished with a 1.26 overall KD, including a 1.57 KD in SnD. A highlight stat was Lucky going 17-6 in opening duels in SnD (73.9% W%) and having the highest ADR in EU with 116.01 damage per round. He was the MVP of Stage 1 EU Elite.

-MeTTalZz might not have the flashiest personal stats but he was key to playing the supportive role and helping the star players shine. He had the highest hill time on the team and was involved in the most opening duels (went 17-23 for 42.5% W%).

-ReeaL was the young gun that broke into the scene this year and has impressed early. He finished with a 1.07 overall KD with a 1.14 KD in Hardpoint. ReeaL had 2.48 kills per minute in Hardpoint with 73.4% of his kills going untraded. If he continues to learn from the veteran and improve, he’ll be a fantastic prospect.

Good luck to the Minnesota Rokkr Academy in the future!

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