Ranking CDL Team Skins

Modern Warfare 2 will finally release the in-game Team Packs today at 1:00 PM EST! These team packs include a basic gun camo, team logo stickers, team logo sprays, team logo calling card, and in-game skins for home and away.

You’ll be able to purchase individual team packs today for $9.99/£8.50. With that, we have decided to rank the 12 CDL in-game away skins to find out who has the best skin to rock in game. To do this, we tasked designers Jaden, Rosevelt, and Lionman to each rank the skins compared to each other.

The Tier List

Taking the top spot is the Roze 2.0 skin in the LA Thieves. The skin has a clean black look with LA front and center. Unlike last season, it looks much different compared to Atlanta FaZe.

The two lowest ranked skins are from OpTic Texas and London Royal Ravens. Voters noted that Texas’ skin has a bland green tone, especially compared to Boston Breach’s green. London’s skin has bold blue and red tones that stick out too much, which turned off voters.

Let us know how you rank the CDL skins on Twitter used this tier maker!


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