Pro-Am Qualifier Favourites

The Pro-Am Qualifier will commence this coming weekend as 8 teams will earn the opportunity to compete on Lan for a chance to play in the CDL Major 1 in Raleigh. After game issues forced the Challengers Cup #2 to be delayed, the number of teams competing in the Pro-Am has been raised to 64 teams. 3 teams will qualify from both North America and Europe while only the winners in Latin America and Asia Pacific will qualify. Here is our picks for the 8 teams:

Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy (NA) – (Assault, DiamondCon, JoeDeceives and Exceed)

The early favourites from North America are LAG Academy. Having taken home both the Breaking Point NEXT NA and NA Challengers Cup #1 they are the clear favourites from the North American region. We will be of course watching out for the highly touted youngster JoeDeceives to show why he’s garnered all this hype.

Minnesota RØKKR Academy (NA) – (GodRX, Pandur, ReeaL and Fame)

The long term duo of GodRX and Pandur once again look to show their stuff in the North American Challenger scene. This time joined by Spanish youngster ReeaL and Minnesota RØKKR Substitute Fame. This team barely missed out on taking home the first Challengers Cup for North America falling in a nail biting Game 9 to LAG Academy.

Team WarDy (NA) – (Hamza, WarDy, Saints and Decemate

Despite placing 3rd in Challengers Cup #1, NYSL Substitute WarDy made the decision to leave his former team and move onto this one. With a veteran SMG duo and a solid and consistent AR player for many years in Challengers in Hamza this team looks in a good spot to be a strong contender to qualify for the Pro-Am Classic. This last spot was a very close call between multiple teams but we went with the Team WarDy.

Elevate (EU) – (Harry, Gismo, Denza and Vortex)

From EU we have Team Elevate who have made their return to the Challengers scene after a successful season during Cold War. They picked up the veteran squad with every player achieving huge success over the previous challengers seasons with Gismo earning his chance on the London Royal Ravens last season. This team took home the EU Breaking Point NEXT and fell short in a Game 9 Round 11 to lose the EU Challengers Cup #1 Grand Finals.

Team CiggyBooM (EU) – (Weeman, Maple, EriKBooM and Furiious)

The Challengers Cup #1 winners on the EU side after an unbelievable performance from last years Toronto Academy EU player Furiious. This team mixes veteran leadership with aggressive SMG play and have dominant SnD players across the board.

Aw0babobs (EU) – Breszy, Abuzah, Cobra and Lynnz

This team has impressed since the core roster came together in the 2nd half of Vanguard and have continued their form into MW2 with Abuzah especially coming into his own winning the Breaking Point NEXT EU MVP. This roster has crazy slaying potential all around the board and we back that talent and slaying to see them qualify for Raleigh.

D1 Gaming (LATAM) – Caos, Legendah, Traixx and Couti

Traixx and Couti were part of the LATAM team that qualified for Challengers Finals during the Vanguard season. They continued this form by winning the LATAM Challengers Cup #1, we are going with them to win the LATAM Qualifiers and make it to Raleigh. Watch out for Traixx who was named the LATAM All-Challengers 2022 MVP and the young Argentine is seen as probably the regions top talent.

Mindfreak (APAC) – Fighta, Louqa, Shockz and Replyd

APAC was the toughest region to call with 3 teams being split my a few factors. We are going with the veteran leadership of the long term trio in Shockz, Louqa and Fighta alongside the young up and comer in Replyd to get them over the line.

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