Pro-AM Qualifer: Power Rankings

In anticipation of the first event of the year we decided to rank the 8 Challengers teams who qualified through their respective regions to compete for a chance to play against the pros in Raleigh.

1. LAG Academy (NA) – Assault, DiamondCon, Exceed, JoeDeceives

Placements – 1st, 1st, 3rd
Starting of our list with LAG Academy. The roster has huge firepower all around with 3/4 of them being former CDL Pros and of course rounded out by the highly touted rookie JoeDeceives. The roster will be looking to impress at the Pro-AM and maybe put the players on the radar of the struggling CDL Teams including their very own Los Angeles Guerrillas.

2. Elevate (EU) – Harry, Gismo, Vortex, Denza

Placements – 1st, 2nd, 1st
Next up the EU team of Elevate. These 4 players have chemistry out of the wha zoo with Harry and Vortex winning the EU challengers finals in back to back years alongside the other 2. The roster is filled with veterans with tons of experience at the high level and they play a strong and fundamental style of cod in every game mode.

3. Røkkr Academy (NA) – GodRX, Pandur, ReeaL, Fame

Placements – 2nd, 4th
3rd we have Røkkr Academy. The core trio of the roster had a lot of success on Lan in Vanguard and they’ve added the highly touted Spaniard ReeaL to the roster. They’ve shown strong performances in SnD so far so look out for them in that game mode for certain.

4. Aw0babobs (EU) – Abuzah, Breszy, Lynz, Cobra

Placements – 2nd, 3rd, 2nd
Next up we have the French speaking roster of Aw0babobs. The core trio saw a lot of success in the back end of Vanguard and have started the MW2 season strongly with the addition of 18 year old Frenchmen Lynz. They’re looking to show what HyDra has continued to prove and that is that the French can hang with the best.

5. Decimate (NA) – Mock, Hollow, Uli, 2ReaL

Placements – 5/6th, 7/8th
This squad consisting of NA veterans massively impressed in the online qualifier, taking home the number 1 NA seed. They’ve had inconsistent results elsewhere but are a roster filled with smart players who are known to excel in SnD.

6. Pollodrom (EU) – SupeR, Lucky, JurNii, YaKo

Placements – 4th, 5/6th, 5/6th
This all Spanish squad contains the core of the roster that placed 4th at the Vanguard Challengers Finals. They added veteran AR Lucky to the roster creating a dangerous AR presence alongside SupeR who had the #1 Challengers KD from the Vanguard season.

7. D1 Gaming (LATAM) – Legendah, Caos, Couti, Traixx

Placements – 1st, 2nd
This LATAM roster won their Pro-AM Qualifier without dropping a map. The roster is highlighted by Traixx who is viewed by many as the number one talent to come out of the Latin America region. This roster will be looking to cause some upsets and give LATAM some recognition.

8. Orgless (APAC) – Crimzah, Durdev, Restalling, Zepa

Placements – 1st, 2nd
Durdev actually managed to qualify for the 2022 Challengers Finals through APAC but was dropped by his team Point Blank going into the Modern Warfare 2 season. He has absolutely taken his revenge though defeating his ex teammates in the Challengers Cup #1 Grand Final and in the Pro-AM Qualifier Grand Final. This team will have to channel some of the Aussie swagger shown by current Rookie of the year Pred in order to make a successful run in the qualifier.

Author: LordJosh

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