Potential rosters for the 2023 Call of Duty League season

The last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the majority of competitive Call of Duty fans, and especially those fans of OpTic Texas, Atlanta FaZe, and even New York Subliners.

In a 24 hour span Dashy and iLLeY were dropped, HyDra and Cammy were expected to replace the pair, Arcitys announced he was a restricted free agent — presumably being replaced by Dashy, then both Dashy and iLLeY returned to OpTic the next day, leaving Cammy and HyDra to re-eveluate their options , all while every other team sat and waited for the players at the top of the food chain to find their place.

Contracts for the 2023 season could officially be submitted yesterday, so teams are finally starting to fully form.

Most of what you’ll read below is already known, with a few extra pieces added, aswell as some small intel on coaching and staff changes likely coming over the next few weeks.

  • Bold = option extended, already locked in.
  • Regular = likely joining, waiting for an announcement.
  • Italics = unsure, but currently the most likely option.

Los Angeles Thieves

  • Drazah
  • Envoy
  • Kenny
  • Octane

As expected, the 2022 Call of Duty League champions aren’t making any roster changes.

The franchise did however release their substitute player Pentagrxm, and move Muddawg from General Manager of Los Angeles Thieves to Director of Talent Strategy for 100Thieves.

Novus, who recently left Seattle Surge is expected to fill Muddawg’s role as General Manager of Los Angeles Thieves.

OpTic Texas

  • Dashy
  • Scump
  • iLLeY
  • Shotzzy

One of the strangest weeks for Greenwall fans.

Dashy and iLLeY were farewelled on Wednesday, and it was wildly rumored OpTic Texas were targeting free agent HyDra and restricted free agent Cammy as replacements for the pair, but less than 24 hours later, both players returned and it was announced that the Major I champions would run it back for another season.

Substitute players General and Prolute both became free agents last week, and the franchise will have to search for a replacement backup player over the next few months.

Seattle Surge

  • Accuracy
  • Mack
  • Pred
  • Sib

Seattle Surge went from one of the worst franchises in Call of Duty League history, to Major III champions, a legitimate threat during Championship Weekend, and the home of the 2022 Rookie of The Year.

As far as I know, the team didn’t make any serious enquires with any other players, but it was heavily rumored behind the scenes that Atlanta FaZe might target Pred to replace Arcitys, but it looks like nothing came of that, and the four will move forward for another season.

Next year will be a very important year for Pred and Sib, both will be coming off their first contracts at the end of 2023 and will be eligible to explore their options outside of Seattle. The sky’s the limit for these two if they keep the pace up from their rookie years.

Minnesota RØKKR

  • Afro (confirmed)
  • Attach (confirmed)
  • Bance (confirmed)
  • Cammy (confirmed)
  • Fame (substitute)

Minnesota RØKKR were one of only three teams who fully wiped their starting roster this off-season, and this year it looks like they might have gone all in, but at a price.

Attach was one of the hottest free agents this off-season, and bringing him back likely won’t be cheap. Afro was heavily rumored to join Toronto Ultra and had offers from other franchises as well, so luring him to Minnesota also wouldn’t be cheap, and to acquire Cammy, RØKKR will need to pay a fairly large buyout fee to Toronto Ultra for his rights, rumored at around $150,000 – $200,000.

A lot of pressure to succeed here considering the amount of money that’s likely going into the roster, but hopefully, it all pays off.

Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • Huke
  • Neptune
  • Spart
  • Arcitys (confirmed)

Los Angeles Guerrillas had an interesting off-season, they picked up their team options for SlasheR, Asim, Neptune, Spart, and Huke, and let Gunless walk.

It’s unknown if the franchise had a plan the entire time, or if they wanted to secure their players as backup plans, but it looks like they’ll move forward with at least three of them, and add two-time Call of Duty champion Arcitys to the line-up, with Huke, Spart, and Neptune.

Guerrillas will sell SlasheR in the upcoming days if he hasn’t been sold already, but it’s unknown what offers Asim has had — Mutineers or Legion would be realistic landing spots for him, assuming Legion would actually fork out money for a buyout.

Atlanta FaZe

  • aBeZy
  • Cellium
  • Simp
  • SlasheR (confirmed)

Most of the community struggled, and are still struggling to come to terms that Atlanta FaZe are moving on without Arcitys, but everything you’ve heard is true — the franchise really is replacing their veteran leader, and have likely already made their decision, according to ZooMaa.

Most people behind the scenes, and in the community believe SlasheR is the most probable move for FaZe, but from what I understand, as of yesterday, no deal had been completed — but this doesn’t mean he isn’t the fourth, it just means nothing was official yet, at that time.

Toronto Ultra

  • CleanX
  • Insight
  • Scrappy
  • Standy
  • Hicksy (substitute)

Toronto Ultra said goodbye to Bance last week and allowed Cammy to explore his options as a restricted free agent to make room for Scrappy, which was expected.

Scrappy was the number one Challenger player throughout the 2022 season, and Toronto Ultra, of course, game launch extended his contract, and will likely fully extend it sometime soon.

As for their fourth, I’m still unsure if the team has 100% committed yet, but Hicksy is currently the most likely option. As mentioned earlier, the franchise targeted free agent Afro last week, but unfortunately, he’ll likely join Minnesota instead.

EDIT: There’s potential Standy will start in place of Hicksy.

Boston Breach

  • Nero
  • Vivid
  • Methodz (confirmed)
  • Owakening
  • Beans (substitute)

Boston Breach fully extended both Nero and Vivid’s contract this off-season, and also game launch extended Methodz, likely as a backup plan in case they couldn’t acquire an upgrade for him.

First mentioned by The Flank, Owakening is poised to join the SMG duo, and early rumors suggested SlasheR would complete the line-up, but at the time sources confirmed that that was not true.

Instead, it looks like Breach will choose between either three-time Call of Duty champion Clayster, or Methodz, who is already under contract with the franchise, and has a relationship with the players and staff.

UPDATE: Methodz is returning to Boston Breach.

New York Subliners

  • KiSMET
  • HyDra
  • Skyz
  • Priestahh

It’s been a confusing week for HyDra — from being rumored to be offered one of the largest contracts in the league by New York Subliners, to almost joining OpTic Texas with Cammy, then discovering 24 hours later Dashy and iLLeY had rekindled their relationship with Texas, to now likely re-signing with New York.

Heavily rumored in the early days of rostermania, Skyz is expected to join HyDra in New York, with KiSMET who’s already under contract with the team.

As for their fourth, it’s likely Priestahh, but I also had heard MajorManiak was an option, with a slim possibility that Subliners could actually acquire SlasheR.

Florida Mutineers

  • MajorManiak
  • Vikul
  • Havok
  • Brack
  • Davpadie (substitute)

Mutineers have apparently settled on their roster yesterday, but I’m yet to hear about it.

Asim, Gunless, Crimsix, Standy, MajorManiak, Havok, and Challenger players Vikul, Beans, and WarDy should all be options for this team, and I’m told they have indeed looked at almost every option that’s available. Hopefully, I hear more soon.

EDIT: added the latest roster I heard.

London Royal Ravens

  • PaulEhx?
  • Zer0?
  • Nastie?

Not much is known about the future of the London Royal Ravens, all four starters, as well as substitute player Harry, were all technically free agents this off-season, but only Harry announced himself as a free agent, and Afro will obviously be leaving the franchise.

PaulEhx teased on Twitter his return to Ravens, and that’s definitely something I had heard from multiple sources — as for the other three spots, it’s mostly an educated guess, but I would assume at least two of Zer0, Nastie or Gismo will return, with the possibility of all three.

Las Vegas Legion

  • Temp

Early reports I had were that Clayster, TJHaLy, and Venom could join Temp as a possible line-up, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in rosters I had heard in the first week of rostermania, especially when it comes to Las Vegas Legion.

Temp mentioned on stream that Legion were no longer only paying the minimum salary for their players, which is a good start for the worst franchise in the league.

As mentioned above, there’s a high chance Clayster could join Breach instead of Legion.

Coaching/staff changes

  • Novus (SEA) likely replacing Muddawg (LAT) as General Manager.
  • Coaches Fenix (SEA), DREAL (NY), MarkyB (TOR), Sender (TX) and possibly others could be on the move.
  • Bevils (LAG), Revan (NY), and JP (NY) are all free agent coaches/analysts.
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas actively looking for a new head coach.

If you read this far, thank you. After four years of covering almost every single roster move in competitive Call of Duty, this will be my very last report. It’s been a pleasure, you nosey cunts.

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