Paris Legion Signs Johnny

Here’s Johnny. Rostermania continues as Paris sends John to the bench. Johnny will be starting for the veteran in Stage IV.

Johnny most recently played with Clayster, FeLo, and Spart in the Stage IV Elite Qualifier. This same squad also won the North American Challengers Cup #11. Johnny is being picked up to replace John. Despite his accomplishments, the all-time great has struggled immensely this season.

As a frontline duo, John and Jimbo has been by far the worst in the League in terms of slaying metrics. Is Johnny the cure? Paris is no longer in contention for Champs this season, and currently sit in last place, with 20 CDL points. In June, the franchise announced a move from Paris to Las Vegas. This signing signals a further shift in focus to preparation for the upcoming season.

Author: SlimPancake

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