Parasite joins London Starting Roster

The London Royal Ravens have officially announced that former World Champion Chris “Parasite” Duarte to fill the void in the starting roster. The American will fill the starting spot left by Trei “Zer0” Morris, as he is still in Europe.

Parasite was last in the Pro League during the Black Ops 4 season under the Midnight Esports banner with teammates LlamaGod, Blazt, Lacefield, & Saints. The results were a mixed bag, as the highest finish was a 9th/10th in the Pro League Regular Season.

  • CWL Anaheim : Top 16
  • CWL Pro League : 9th/10th
  • CWL PL Playoffs Play-in : 3rd/4th (Failed to Qual)
  • CoD Champs 2019 : Top 24

After having a great Challengers season in Modern Warfare where he finished with the highest average placement, fans suspected that Parasite may start in the Pro League this year. It didn’t come to fruition, as he’d again have to start in Challengers.

He’d have a rough start to the season, having a new team in each of the first 4 Cups. Here are the results:

  • Cup #1 – 4th (Blazt, Decemate, Neptune)
  • Cup #2 – Top 32 (Davpadie, Noysii, Saints)
  • Cup #3 – Top 8 (Drazah, Decemate, GloFrosty)
  • Cup #4 – Top 8 (Jintroid, GloFrosty, Gunsii)

With Parasite joining the starting roster, it will now consist of:

  • Alexx
  • Dylan
  • Parasite
  • Seany
  • Afro (Bench)
  • Zer0 (Bench)

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