OpTic bowl over the Breach in Huke’s debut!

Next series on the docket was the most anticipated of the weekend. This was the first chance to see the new look OpTic roster with Huke taking the place of Vanguard MVP runner-up Dashy. The pressure was on the squad to start strong and silence the critics against a very tough Boston Breach.

OpTic would start the series off strong, taking an early 101-43 lead on Hotel. Behind a 23-11 performance from iLLeY, they ended the map 250-180 to stun the Breach. Coming into the series, the Boston Breach had the best Win percentage in Hardpoint against professional teams.

The Search & Destroy would not go so smoothly for Texas, as Breach woke up and finally put up a fight. Boston would win the first five rounds of the game, easily dominating on Embassy. The final score would be 6-2 and give the Breach strong momentum going into the swing game mode. Nero was the star of the map, finishing 11-4 with 1033 damage for Boston.

The Control was all OpTic from the start on Hotel. OpTic would easily control both defensive rounds, not allowing the Breach to get going in the round. The map would end with Texas winning the round 4 attacking round, to finish the map 3-1. Scump was a monster, finishing the map with 31 kills, 18 deaths, 1.72 KD, and 3177 damage.

With their backs against the wall, the Breach had to fight back. They took a commanding lead to start the game. After a 58 point hold on P4, Boston had a 122-26 lead. Texas would fight back fiercely on the second rotation, bringing the game back to 225-222 before the final hill. Boston would scrape by, holding the final hill to win 250-244.

Going to the final map of this thrilling series, we’d end up on Mercado. Boston would have a hot start, winning the first two rounds to go up 2-0. But OpTic were not out. They’d win 5 straight rounds, including three rounds where Boston had won the opening duel. OpTic would close out the map 6-3 after trading rounds to win the series 3-2!

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