Official “OpTic Prolute” Incoming? Contract Extension in Progress

Today’s OpTic Podcast brought us some exciting news regarding the current OpTic roster. HECZ noted that the team was in the process of signing Prolute to an extended contract. The COD community knows how exclusive HECZ can be about who is actually allowed “on” OpTic! This move would officially make him “OpTic Prolute”. He then stated that Prolute would be on the bench, but he would start until iLLeY returns to the team.

Fans have been quick to hop on the Prolute train and rightfully so due to his recent performances. Major 3 will be a serious test for Prolute and this OpTic roster and how they place will have some serious implications about how they move forward.

Final Takeaways:
Under the “2021 Call of Duty League Roster Construction Rules”, the last publicly available ruleset on player contracts: “teams may sign Players to 14-Day contracts.” But teams are limited to signing the same player to a max of “two (2) 14-Day contracts” each season. From what it sounds like, Prolute signed a 14-day contract at the beginning and is now being rewarded with a full, season long contract. This has yet to be officially confirmed by the CDL or by OpTic. Well deserved 👏.

Author: SlimPancake

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