NRG rebrand Chicago franchise from Huntsmen to OpTic

It’s confirmed. H3CZ’s OpTic are back. The Green Wall is back. In an announcement today the owner of the Chicago spot, NRG Esports, confirmed that the franchise will be dropping the Huntsmen name and rebranding under the OpTic Gaming banner.

This is a move that many in the community has expected ever since the news broke that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez had regained ownership of the OpTic Gaming brand from Immortals Gaming Club as the organization looked to sell their CDL spot and leave Call of Duty.

OpTic Gaming is the most legendary brand in Call of Duty esports. The team was founded back in 2006 with aspirations of becoming a sniping team, and in 2007 ownership of OpTic was handed to H3CZ. From there, H3CZ proceeded to build one of the greatest gaming teams of all time.

In 2010, during the Modern Warfare 2 season, OpTic established their first professional team, picking up the roster of Nerve, Eaton, Di3seL and Gundeezy. At this point the organization had been uploading content to YouTube for a year and H3CZ saw competitive CoD as a chance to expand the brand.

Over the coming years, OpTic Gaming would grow to a fan-favourite organization, with the team fielding the highest quality competitive rosters and innovatively creating online content around these popular players and personalities.

Fast forward to 2017, H3CZ sells the organization to Infinite Esports & Entertainment in a deal that keeps him running the team but no longer owning it. This was initially a positive change, however decisions made at Infinite resulted in the brand being put up for sale by the company in 2019. A bidding war commenced between Hector and Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), with the brand eventually being sold to IGC on June 12, 2019, leaving fans devastated at the idea of an OpTic without H3CZ and popular players, such as Seth “Scump” Abner.

In order to stay in Call of Duty as the competitive scene was franchised by Activision, H3CZ teamed up with NRG and Andy Miller to form Chicago Huntsmen, who proceeded to sign many of the ex-OpTic players and creators. As a result of this, the majority of OpTic Gaming fans followed H3CZ and his players to the new Huntsmen franchise.

However, with the OpTic Gaming brand officially belonging to H3CZ again, we will no doubt see fans return to supporting OpTic. The subreddit will come back to life, the YouTube views will be flowing in, the support will be insane. Call of Duty Esports is not complete without H3CZ leading OpTic Gaming forward into the future.

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