New York nicks the Thieves, wins series 3-1!

The final series of the night pitted the defending World Champions in LA Thieves against the Major 1 winners New York Subliners. The first map set the tone for this great series, as the two teams traded blows until the Thieves took control in the second rotation. While LA struggled heavily on P3 (-96 on the map), they were able to go +67 on P2 and +59 on P5 to negate that. Kenny was phenomenal, going 33-16 with 3468 damage and 27 non-traded kills. He YY’d his team to a 1-0 series start.

While LAT had all the momentum going into Map 2, this would quickly shift. New York started the map off strong, take a 2-1 lead after the third round. The Thieves fought back to take a 4-2 lead after winning 3 straight rounds. Powered by HyDra’s 1v3 in round 7, New York countered with their own 3 round win streak. Tied 5-5, the game went to a high-pressure round 11. Behind a Priestahh opening duel, New York would take the 6-5 map victory!

The swing map Control was a heater. Typically, the Fortress Control was very defense heavy. The tides have slowly been changing, with teams figuring out the best ways to break out of the spawn trap. During this map both teams were able to take an attacking round, but in the end New York shut the door in the round 5 to win 3-2. This gave the Subliners the clear advantage in the momentum.

In the final map of the series, New York didn’t allow LA to bring us to a map 5. The Subliners were able to traded punches and finish off the Thieves 250-219 behind a strong P4 performance (+57). Skyz had himself a map, finishing 30-22 with 3152 damage and 3 pistol kills on the ladders. With this, the Subliners took down the Thieves to win the series 3-1!

Author: EasyMac

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