NA Elite Stats for Season 1

The first season of North American Elite rounded up last week with the New York Subliners Academy taking the crown. Teams played round-robin matches for 4 days, which led to bracket play last week. The 8 teams played against each other once and then battled it out through Knockout & Playoff Brackets.

After a hard fought 3-week season, the standings finished with New York Subliners Academy on top after taking down WestR. Here are the full standings:

  1. New York Academy [Prolute, GloFrosty, Saints, Spart]
  2. WestR [GRVTY, PaulEhx, Venom, Zaptius]
  3. uT Crew [Jintroid, Phantomz, Wrecks, Yeez]
  4. HYXR [Proto, Mayhem, Xotic, Zinx]
  5. Mocky Mocky [Cells, Hollow, Jimbo, Sib]
  6. Team Zed [Denz, Jurd, Tay, Zed]
  7. Built by Gamers [GodRx, KiSMET, Pandur, Pentagrxm]
  8. Mr. Mid Maps [Decemate, Drazah, FeLo, Nagafen]

There were many standout performers across the season and teams getting progressively better as the weekend went along. Here are the overall stats over the season:

Overall Statistics

The leader in overall KD interestingly came from uT Crew. Timmy “Phantomz” Landis landed the top spot with a 1.30 KD over the month. He had a positive KD in all 3 modes and had a 1.36 KD in Control. He helped uT Crew be the powerhouse in respawns. Coming in a #2 was the SMG star Carlos “Venom” Hernandez of WestR. His 1.25 KD led the team and was powered by a 1.46 KD in Search & Destroy. Check out the rest of the statistics below:

Hardpoint Statistics

The first mode we’ll take a look at is Hardpoint. Phantomz led the way in the mode for Hardpoint KD with a 1.29. Timmy led the League with 3.00 kills per minute with only 2.32 deaths per minute. Wrecks was also a high for uT, as he finished with a 1.14 KD and 2.90 kills per minute. Another standout performer was Felo on Mr. Mid Maps. He had the only positive KD on his team with a 1.14 and ranked 2nd in NA with 2.96 kills per minute. Here is the rest of the data:

Search & Destroy Statistics

There were multiple great performers across Elite the past month, almost too many to count. WestR were powered by Tom “GRVTY” Malin and Venom, who both dropped 1.46 KDs in the mode. Tom led the team with 0.87 kills per round, good for 2nd in NA. Another top performer was Nathaniel “Pentagrxm” Thomas of BBG. He finished with a 1.22 KD in the mode and led NA with 0.93 kills per round. Check out the rest of the statistics below:

Control Statistics

The final mode we’ll look at is Control. Almost every team had players that popped off this past month in the mode and finished with very good statistics. Paul “PaulEhx” Avila led NA in KD after finishing with a 1.46. He was the only player to finish with a 1.44+ KD on both offense and defense. GloFrosty seemed to do it all from Cali on NYSL Academy, as he posted a 1.40 KD in the mode, with a 1.38 KD on offense and 1.42 KD on defense. Check out the Control stats below:

Unfortunately, some series are missing from the data. BBG’s series vs HYXR, Mr Mid Maps, and Mocky Mocky are incomplete. Besides those 3 series, only 2 maps are missing from the data. Hopefully, we will be able to collect 100% of the data in Season 2. Europe’s data will take some time to get out as multiple series have to be counted by hand.

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