MW2 MVP Ladder: Post-Major III

The third Major in the Call of Duty League season is in the books, continuing a fantastic season so far into 2023. The League continued its growth at Texas, peeking at an incredible 335,000 viewers during the final day of play.

With another four weeks of matches in the books, it is time for an updated look at the Season MVP Ladder. Crone has polled key figures in the community to give an insight into where players fall on the ladder after the third Major of the season.

Here are the top 5 players on the Season MVP Ladder.

1) Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris

Average vote : 1.70
Last Ladder : 1st
Team Record : 18-10, 225 CDL points (1st)
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (3rd), Boston Major II (1st), Texas Major III (3rd)
Overall KD : 1.06

aBeZy continues to dominate the MVP ladder, averaging a 1.70 average vote. Tyler continued his run of terror in during the Major 3 cycle, finishing with a 1.07 overall KD. The entry SMG had a 1.26 KD in his best mode Search & Destroy, racking up 21 opening duels won. His impact in all three game modes is being felt and propelling Atlanta to be one of the strongest teams in the CDL.

As a team, they fell short during Major III when they finished 3rd for the tournament. The team expects to making Grand Finals each tournament, and they fell just short. A glaring weakness in their game has been prevalent for most of the season, as they now support just a 22-26 record in Hardpoint. This will need be addressed during the break heading into the Major 4 qualifiers.

Advanced season stats

KD : 0.98
Kills per 10 minutes : 21.5
Damage per 10 minutes : 2498.6

KD : 1.33
Kills per round : 0.90
First Blood Percentage : 59.5%

KD : 1.12
Kills per 10 minutes : 20.06
Damage per 10 minutes : 2325.01

2) McArthur “Cellium” Jovel

Average vote : 1.85
Last Ladder : 2nd
Team Record : 18-10, 225 CDL points (1st)
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (3rd), Boston Major II (1st), Texas Major III (3rd)
Overall KD : 1.23

The Vanguard MVP Cellium continues to stay in the Top 2 for the season voting. The Flex AR for Atlanta FaZe now has a 1.20 KD or better in each of the three game modes, including a 1.26 KD in SND. For the season, Cellium ranks 1st in Overall KD, 1st in Hardpoint KD, 3rd in SND KD, and 2nd in Control KD. Its hard to find another player as consistent as Cellium.

The team continued their SnD map win streak all the way into Major III where it was stopped at 15 straight wins. After dropping an El Asilo SnD to Toronto, Atlanta beat OpTic Texas to make their SnD record 30-9 for the season. If a return to past years’ form can be found in Hardpoint, FaZe will be a very difficult team to beat at Major IV.

Advanced season stats

KD : 1.23
Kills per 10 minutes : 22.2
Damage per 10 minutes : 2716.6

KD : 1.26
Kills per round : 0.71
First Blood Percentage : 61.2%

KD : 1.20
Kills per 10 minutes : 16.77
Damage per 10 minutes : 2133.10

3) Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst

Average vote : 2.80
Last Ladder : NR
Team Record : 18-8, 215 CDL points (2nd)
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (4th), Boston Major II (Top 6), Texas Major III (1st)
Overall KD : 1.16

Toronto Ultra were crowned Major III Champions after a remarkable run during the weekend. They were powered by the Rookie of the Year favorite Scrappy, who put on a fantastic performance throughout the entire stage. For the entire Major III cycle, Scrappy finished with a 1.19 overall KD, which was the 3rd highest in the CDL. His best mode was Hardpoint, where he had a 1.18 KD with 2997.2 damage per 10 minutes. With Scrappy in this form, Ultra will continually be fighting for Championships this season.

Overall, the Ultra have now become a very balanced team in all three game modes. For the season, they have a winning record in all modes including a 20-8 record in Control. During the Major III cycle they continued improving their respawn modes, finishing with a 10-6 record in Hardpoint and 8-2 record in Control. They will be a very difficult team to take down when they put up a strong fight on each and every map.

Advanced season stats

KD : 1.12
Kills per 10 minutes : 23.8
Damage per 10 minutes : 2887.0

KD : 1.14
Kills per round : 0.79
First Blood Percentage : 51.4%

KD : 1.26
Kills per 10 minutes : 20.53
Damage per 10 minutes : 2524.91

4) Amer “Pred” Zulbeari

Average vote : 3.62
Last Ladder : 5th
Team Record : 12-13, 130 CDL points (7th)
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (2nd), Boston Major II (Top 12), Texas Major III (Top 6)
Overall KD : 1.18

As many have dubbed him, “LePred” showed fans a lot of fireworks during the past stage. He led the League in overall KD, finishing with an absurd 1.25 KD for the stage. In all three modes Pred finished with a 1.20 KD or higher, including a 1.56 in Search & Destroy (1st in CDL). In SnD, he had 27 opening duels won and put in 108.01 ADR with 1.00 kills per round. Pred showed why he is one of the best SMGs in the League and can match anyone’s output.

While Pred was lighting up the CDL, the Seattle Surge couldn’t find the results they expected. After an extremely disappointing Top 12 finish during the Boston Major, the Surge looked to have turned a corner going into Texas. The team went 4-1 series record during the qualifiers, with a 13-5 map count, but couldn’t continue the momentum at the Major. In one of the best series of the year, Seattle took Atlanta the distance but ended up fall 3-2 in a heartbreaker. They would then have to go up against a red hot OpTic Texas, who would take the series 3-1 to eliminate the Surge. While they should be good to make Champs at the end of the season, they are now in 7th in the CDL points leaderboard and will be on the hot seat to improve.

Advanced season stats

KD : 1.18
Kills per 10 minutes : 24.5
Damage per 10 minutes : 2844.3

KD : 1.18
Kills per round : 0.84
First Blood Percentage : 57.8%

KD : 1.20
Kills per 10 minutes : 21.66
Damage per 10 minutes : 2471.81

5) Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez

Average vote : 4.00
Last Ladder : 3rd
Team Record : 16-11, 155 CDL points (4th)
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (1st), Boston Major II (Top 8), Texas Major III (Top 12)
Overall KD : 1.16

The French Phenom continued his stellar play in Modern Warfare 2, finishing with high marks across the board during the Major III cycle. Overall, HyDra had the 4th highest KD during the stage, finishing with a 1.12 overall KD with a 89.86 slayer rating (2nd). His best mode was Search & Destroy this stage, improving to a 1.30 KD in the mode with 0.93 kills per round (3rd),116.19 ADR (3rd), and 64.6% NTK% (1st). With how strong his respawn play has been this season, seeing HyDra top the charts in SnD is a scary prospect for opposing teams.

In a similar story to Pred, while HyDra has individually been a superstar in MW2, his team has not found the consistent results they are looking to net. After winning the first Major of the season, expectations for New York were to be fighting on Sundays. They have since failed to accomplish that in back-to-back Majors, while finishing in last at the Texas Major. With a two week break before matches return, the Subliners will look to regain the lost form and come back swinging for Major IV!

Advanced season stats

KD : 1.19
Kills per 10 minutes : 24.8
Damage per 10 minutes : 2827.0

KD : 1.09
Kills per round : 0.78
First Blood Percentage : 47.4%

KD : 1.12
Kills per 10 minutes : 21.17
Damage per 10 minutes : 2493.83

Honorable Mentions

Players who also received votes are:

Dashy (4 votes)
CleanX (3 votes)
Simp (2 votes)
Shotzzy (2 votes)
Owakening (1 vote)

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