MW2 Major 3 MVP Ladder

Major III is in the books! The third major of the CDL season continued the growth of the League, topping out with a high of over 335,000 viewers and one of the best crowds of the CDL era.

The Toronto Ultra shut down all of the competition, making it through the Upper Bracket to reach the Grand Finals. There the Ultra would face the home team OpTic Texas. Against the pressure of the home crowd, the Ultra stood tall and took the Championship with a 4-2 victory.

After the fantastic Major, we polled the coaches to see who was their Major III MVP. Then after collecting the rankings from all 12 franchises, each player would be given points for each vote, as seen below:

1st – 11 points
2nd – 10 points
3rd – 9 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 7 points


1) Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst

Total Points : 99
Season MVP Ladder : 3rd
Team Stage 3 Record : 7-2
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (4th), Boston Major II (Top 6), Texas Major III (1st)
Major 3 Overall KD : 1.20

Leading the way for Major III MVP was the front runner for ROTY Scrappy. The flex AR for the Toronto Ultra took another major step in his performance during Stage 3. He led the Ultra in KD in all three game modes, in damage output in all three game modes, and in SnD Kills per round and Control kills per 10 minutes. The scary thing for the rest of the competition is that Scrappy is continuing to get better and grow as the season progresses.

Advanced Major III stats

KD : 1.11
Kills per 10 minutes : 23.8
Damage per 10 minutes : 2936.9

KD : 1.36
Kills per round : 0.86
First Blood Percentage : 73.3%

KD : 1.30
Kills per 10 minutes : 22.3
Damage per 10 minutes : 2719.6

2) Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris

Total Points : 66
Season MVP Ladder : 1st
Team Stage 3 Record : 5-4
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (3rd), Boston Major II (1st), Texas Major III (3rd)
Major 3 Overall KD : 1.04

The current MVP-ladder leaderboard, aBeZy continued his high form during Major III. The entry SMG ended the Major with positive KDs in each of the three game modes, with a high in Control (1.10). Control is where he progressed the most this stage, improving his kills per 10 minutes to 20.59 and damage per 10 minutes to 2294.83. He also continued to be a terror in SnD as well, leading the CDL in opening duels won per round with 0.28. Atlanta & aBeZy will look to improve during the break and come back stronger for Stage 4.

Advanced Major III stats

KD : 1.00
Kills per 10 minutes : 20.9
Damage per 10 minutes : 2938.1

KD : 1.07
Kills per round : 0.74
First Blood Percentage : 48.0%

KD : 1.10
Kills per 10 minutes : 20.6
Damage per 10 minutes : 2294.8

3) Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro

Total Points : 62
Season MVP Ladder : NR
Team Stage 3 Record : 8-4
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (Top 12), Boston Major II (4th), Texas Major III (2nd)
Major 3 Overall KD : 1.07

OpTic Texas made the run going from Round 1 of the Lower Bracket all the way to the Grand Finals. This resurgence in form was in part from all four players playing to their potential, and that includes Shotzzy. After the match against London, Shotzzy caught fire and played at an elite level till the end of the tournament. He helped OpTic turn Hardpoint into their best mode, finishing with a 1.11 KD in the mode with 23.9 kills per 10 minutes and 2724.0 damage per 10 minutes. If Shotzzy can bring this form into the next stage, he makes OpTic into a serious Championship contender.

Advanced Major III stats

KD : 1.11
Kills per 10 minutes : 23.9
Damage per 10 minutes : 2724.0

KD : 0.98
Kills per round : 0.73
First Blood Percentage : 48.6%

KD : 1.05
Kills per 10 minutes : 20.8
Damage per 10 minutes : 2488.9

4) Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson

Total Points : 52
Season MVP Ladder : NR
Team Stage 3 Record : 7-2
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (4th), Boston Major II (Top 6), Texas Major III (1st)
Major 3 Overall KD : 1.03

The second player from the Toronto Ultra to make the list, CleanX turned in a vintage performance in the past stage. After not hitting his past levels early on in the season, Tobi kept hitting highs in form with new teammate Hicksy. His respawn improved immensely at the Major. In Hardpoint, he finished with 24.1 kills and 2855.3 damage per 10 minutes while in Control he finished with 21.8 kills and 2556.4 damage per 10 minutes. He kept up with his teammate Scrappy and was very impactful for the Ultra’s Championship run.

Advanced Major III stats

KD : 1.04
Kills per 10 minutes : 24.1
Damage per 10 minutes : 2855.3

KD : 0.80
Kills per round : 0.65
First Blood Percentage : 42.3%

KD : 1.09
Kills per 10 minutes : 21.8
Damage per 10 minutes : 2556.4

5) Amer “Pred” Zulbeari

Total Points : 48
Season MVP Ladder : 4th
Team Stage 3 Record : 5-3
Tournament Results : Raleigh Major I (2nd), Boston Major II (Top 12), Texas Major III (Top 6)
Major 3 Overall KD : 1.25

As many have dubbed him, “LePred” showed fans a lot of fireworks during the past stage. He led the League in overall KD, finishing with an absurd 1.25 KD for the stage. In all three modes Pred finished with a 1.20 KD or higher, including a 1.56 in Search & Destroy (1st in CDL). In SnD, he had 27 opening duels won and put in 108.01 ADR with 1.00 kills per round. Pred showed why he is one of the best SMGs in the League and can match anyone’s output. At the major this continued across all three modes. Pred led the Surge in all slaying categories, as well as damage output in SnD & Hardpoint. With this level of performance, Pred will continue being an MVP frontrunner and look to help get Seattle into Championship contention.

Advanced Major III stats

KD : 1.18
Kills per 10 minutes : 24.6
Damage per 10 minutes : 2837.5

KD : 1.39
Kills per round : 0.93
First Blood Percentage : 50.0%

KD : 1.31
Kills per 10 minutes : 23.7
Damage per 10 minutes : 2534.3

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