MW2 Interview Series: JoeDeceives


One of the most talked about Rookies in years, JoeDeceives instantly found himself on a Top Challengers team alongside ex Rokkr Legend Exceed, former NYSL Pro DiamondCon and 2018 World Championship MVP Assault. The team would be picked up as the academy roster for the Los Angeles Guerrillas and start the year off on fire winning the Breaking Point NEXT NA event as well as the NA Challengers Cup #1.

We sat down with the highly touted rookie to get his thoughts on his first ever season competing.

What changes do you think the 2 year lifetime of MW2 will cause compared to a usual 1 year game?:

I think by Year 2 we could have a whole new map set as there’s rumours of old maps from the original MW2 coming back so I don’t think much would change in terms of preparation.

What is your Favorite gun in MW2?:

Vaznev-9K, I thoroughly enjoy using the sub in this game

What are your thoughts on the season structure for the upcoming Challengers season?:

I definitely think it’s an improvement from last year especially with there being more emphasis on the major regions like NA or EU

Favourite map in MW2?:

Breenbergh Hotel

Who do you think will be the Breakout Challengers Player in MW2?:

In my opinion I think nLunarz is someone that gets overlooked and in my opinion if he has the right people around him he could be a superstar.

Do you think there’s more pressure on you to succeed due to the hype around your name before you’ve even played a challengers match?:

There’s no pressure in my opinion even with all the rumours around my name and people speaking on whether or not I deserve to have hype around me. I’m not going to go killwhore and try my best to drop a 1.7 to impress people who’s opinion mean little to nothing to me. I know who I am and what I bring and as long as my teammates believe in me that’s all that matters what other’s say about me whether it being amateurs or professionals doesn’t effect me.

Do you have any advice for any aspiring underage players on how to get their names out?:

This question is hard due to there being a lot of different ways and methods to get your names out there but in my opinion the simplest one is playing SnD Challs due to you being able to play against the best without having to be known for them to play against you.

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