MW2 Interview Series: Ghosty

Coming off the back of an impressive rookie season in Vanguard, Daniel “Ghosty” Rothe is looking to cement himself as a Top Prospect in the NA Challenger Scene.

While playing in the North American Challengers circuit last season, Ghosty impressed a lot on an individual level teaming with players such as Clayster, Brack, FeLo, Seany and Censor along the way.

He was a key part of the Boston Breach Academy roster who impressed at both the Toronto and Boston Challengers Opens and is now set to team with former Seattle Surge duo Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson and Pierce “Gunless” Hillman aswell as former LA Thieves substitute Nathaniel “Pentagrxm” Thomas in the upcoming MW2 Season.

With the competitive Challengers season of Modern Warfare II already underway, we got a chance to sit down with Ghosty and get his thoughts on the upcoming season.

What changes do you think the 2 year lifetime of MW2 will cause compared to a usual 1 year game?:

I 100% think we could see teams develop full team executes and strategies similar to CSGO. I feel like I’m in Seal Team 6 when trying to break hills in Hardpoint or rotating between Bomb Sites in SnD. The coordination and timing of team plays will be very crucial this year in order to have success.

Favourite map in MW2?:

Probably Breenbergh Hotel or El Asilo. Basically any map but Al Bagra Fortress, I think it’s one of the worst maps I’ve ever played for Competitive.

Favourite Gun in MW2?:


What 1 change do you think will help improve the game the most?:

It has to be Red Dots on the Mini Map!

A challenger player you think will be “Next Up” to break into the CDL?:

I’d say probably my current teammate Pentagrxm or maybe JoeDeceives/DiamondCon on LAG Academy.

A lesser known Challengers player who could breakout this season?:

I’m going to go with either Sizkie or Lunarz. I teamed with them both at Local Lans before I turned 18 and we won nearly all of them.

What did you learn throughout your first year competing in challengers? Did you have any teammates who you felt particularly helped improve you as a player?:

I think I learnt a lot on how important having a winning mentality is. I learnt a lot from many players but especially when I teamed with Brack (Now of the Florida Mutineers) at the start of the Vanguard season, he helped to teach me alot.

Why did you think you and your teams found more success on Lan compared to online?:

I personally felt one of the main reasons we struggled online was due to us having a clear geographical disadvantage with us being based mainly on the East Coast while alot of other teams played from Texas or the West Coast. On Lan I feel as though that playing ground was evened and of course we had Doug “Censor” Martin who is inevitable on Lan.

What are your thoughts on the season structure for the upcoming Challengers season?:

I do think this year is a definite improvement compared to previous years, although I would argue we’re still missing immense amounts of support and funding. The costs and expectations of competing in Challengers are very high and time consuming.

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