MW2 Interview Series: EriKBooM


EriKBooM broke out after turning 18 at the start of the Cold War year. He was very successful including a victory at the EU Stage 5 Elite Series alongside now Florida Mutineers player Vikul.

He had another impressive season in Vanguard alongside former Atlanta FaZe Substitute JurNii and fellow Spaniards SupeR and YaKo. Going into Modern Warfare 2 he switched to an English speaking roster alongside EU Veteran ARs Weeman and Maple and fellow up and coming SMG player Furiious who famously shot Scumps body at the Pro-Am Classic.

The team instantly found success taking home the first EU Challengers Cup of the year in a hail biting Game 7 Round 11, we sat down with EriK to get his views on the season to come.

What changes do you think the 2 year lifetime of MW2 will cause compared to a usual 1 year game?:

I hope that in the second year of MW2 there will be a whole new map set because there are some of the current maps can be very unplayable at times especially with the way Spawns work.

What is your Favourite gun in MW2?:

Vaznev-9K, I enjoy running the SMG in this game.

What are your thoughts on the season structure for the upcoming Challengers season?:

I think the structure has definitely improved compared to last year, not being able to get daily points now will really benefit the teams that have been more consistent throughout the year in terms of qualify for champs. Also the fact that they have increased the number of teams in the Elites and there is now 12 teams instead of 8 will bring more opportunities to newer players/next ups.

Favourite map in MW2?:

Mercardo Las Almas

What 1 change do you think will help improve the game the most?:

I think it has to be Red Dots on the minimap. Having that in the game will make communication so much easier and cleaner for me.

Who do you think will be the “Next Up” Challengers Player in MW2?:

I think ReeaL will be one of the first to be picked up to the CDL this season, he’s had some really good players around him since he turned 18 and I think he has got the potential to be in the league soon.

What impact do you think Vikul’s success will have on the view of the Spanish cod scene?:

The fact that Vikul has reached the league is a clearly example that there’s a lot of talent in Spain and hopefully when the league expands to 16 teams (This is the hope) there will be an Spanish Organization that will want to have a full Spanish roster in the league.

How does teaming with English speaking players compare to Spanish speaking players? Do you think it will help you in the long run?:

The difference for me being in an English team compared to a Spanish team is very big. In an English speaking roster the communication is much cleaner, the English are not as emotional as the Spanish and in difficult situations the communication remains calm and clean. In addition, every CDL roster communicates in English so for the future it will be beneficial to me since my level of English will only continue to improve as I practice it every day.

If you could see one map from a previous Infinity Ward game brought back for this game what would you choose?:

I’m gonna go with Favela from the original Modern Warfare 2.

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