MVP Watch 2022

We are now past the halfway mark of the 2022 season. Five LAN tournaments in, we have five different winners. This season, identifying a clear-cut favorite for MVP is tougher than usual.

There are currently three front runners in MVP, and a pair of players who are on the outside looking in. There’s no clear separation at the top. With a few more tournaments left to play, other players could creep into the conversation.

Without further delay, here is the MVP ladder:


Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro
Team: OpTic Texas
Record: 20-7
Standings: 2nd
Position: SMG

Shotzzy Statistical Highlights:

1.09 overall KD (#1 SMG, #7 overall)
1.09 Hardpoint KD (#1 SMG, #8 overall)
26.5 Hardpoint kills per 10 minutes (#1 overall)
0.80 Search & Destroy kills per round (#4 overall)
1.13 Search & Destroy KD (#6 overall)
17.3% Search & Destroy first blood % (#3 overall)

The Call of Duty League 2020 MVP, Shotzzy, is looking to reclaim his title. He’s been the best SMG this season, and stands out as a potential frontrunner. Currently, OpTic Texas are second in the standings with the highest map win percentage (67.6%). Shotzzy’s performance is a major reason for their success.

In Hardpoint, Shotzzy leads his team in engagements and percent of kills while maintaining an impressive 1.09 KD (#1 SMG). In SnD, he leads his team with a 17.3% first blood rate and a 1.13 KD. In Control, Shotzzy remains above a 1.0 KD (highest engagements on his team).

Shotzzy currently sits seventh in overall KD (1.09). #1 overall KD among SMG’s. Outside of the stats, Shotzzy continues to stand out for his stellar movement. In Vanguard, it gives him a unique edge compared to the rest of the league.


McArthur “Cellium” Jovel
Team: Atlanta FaZe
Record: 21-9
Standings: 1st
Position: AR / Flex

Cellium Statistical Highlights:

1.21 overall KD (#2 AR, #2 overall)
1.25 Hardpoint KD (#1 overall)
3,086 Hardpoint damage per 10 minutes (#7 overall)
1.19 Search & Destroy KD (#2 overall)
1.14 Control KD (#4 overall)

It wouldn’t be an MVP article without mentioning an Atlanta FaZe player. Over the past two years, the Tiny Terrors stood out on FaZe. But this year, Cellium has been the best performer and major driver of his team’s consistent placements, and FaZe’s top spot in the standings.

Cellium leads his team in KD across all three game modes and by a considerable margin. He currently sits at a 1.25 in Hardpoint, a 1.19 in SnD, and a 1.14 in Control. Monster numbers. For reference, those numbers land him in 2nd in overall KD, 1st in Hardpoint KD, 2nd in SnD KD, and tied for 3rd in Control KD. Unreal consistency across the three game modes.

Cellium is undoubtedly the best flex in the game. Aside from his superior gun skill, MC is also known for his “nerd spots” — places around the map where he can gain incremental positioning advantages.


Brandon “Dashy” Otell
Team: OpTic Texas
Record: 20-7
Standings: 2nd
Position: AR

Dashy Statistical Highlights:

1.22 overall KD (#1 AR, #1 overall)
1.17 Hardpoint KD (#2 overall)
1.35 Control KD (#1 overall)

It has certainly been a triumphant season for Bruce. A dub at the first Major. His first event win in three years. #1 KD in the League. Best Control player in the League (1.35 Control KD). What haven’t we seen this guy do this season? Heck, we even made a documentary about his career so far.

The only knock on Bruce: his SnD. BO4 was the last time we’ve seen Dashy be a force in Search & Destroy. This season, he falls just outside of top 10 in both SnD KD and SnD kills per round. But we get it. His teammate largely leads OpTic in those categories, and there are so many kills on the map. Still the potential is there, and he has the talent to excel in the game mode.

If you want to watch crispy shots in the CDL, there may be no better POV than Bruce’s:

Outside Looking In

We debated and carefully evaluated several other candidates for the MVP this season, but only a few made the cut. players such as HyDra, Attach, and Temp have shined individually, but their teams have not performed at a consistently high level. Scump and Simp have been consistently good, but not consistently dominant. Also, shout out to Mack (close, but just outside of the convo).


Amer “Pred” Zulbeari
Team: Seattle Surge
Record: 14-10
Standings: 3rd
Position: SMG

Pred Statistical Highlights:

1.06 overall KD (#3 SMG, #11 overall)
26.3 Hardpoint kills per 10 minutes (#2 overall)
3,085 Hardpoint damage per 10 minutes (#3 SMG, #8 overall)
0.78 Search & Destroy kills per round (#6 overall)
16.6% Search & Destroy first blood % (#5 overall)
20.5 Control kills per 10 minutes (#3 overall)

Pretty boy Pred. After winning Major III and claiming the franchise’s first chip, the Surge have leapt into the top 3 in the CDL standings. This is largely due to the dynamic duo of Pred and Sib. Picking one of them as MVP is tricky since both rookies have been taking the league by storm.

At Major III, Pred had an unreal 1.48 SnD KD and a 1.11 overall KD.

A common theme with Pred and Sib is their speed, aggression, and impact on the map. More so than the pack of MVP leaders, advanced metrics strongly favor the young Aussie. His combination of speed (high engagements), outslaying, and pace slaying make him a legitimate contender for MVP.

Depending on how Major IV and Champs shapes up, Pred could easily make a case for the MVP.


Daunte “Sib” Gray
Team: Seattle Surge
Record: 14-10
Standings: 3rd
Position: Flex

Sib Statistical Highlights:

1.08 overall KD (#7 AR, #9 overall)
26.3 Hardpoint kills per 10 minutes (#4 overall)
3,182 Hardpoint damage per 10 minutes (#2 AR, #2 overall)
15.4% Search & Destroy first blood % (#7 overall)
20.5 Control kills per 10 minutes (#4 overall)
2,657 Control damage per 10 minutes (#1 overall)

Like we said in the Rookie of the Year Watch, these Surge kids aren’t playing. These guys are absolute impact makers on the map. While AR’s like Dashy and Cellium sport the sexy KD’s, Sib gets in the mix. He may not have a sexy KD, but he has a chip, and leads the way damage per minute and kills per minute stats, rather than KD stats.

Sib is a different flavor of AR, similar to a Cold War Cammy or a young Crimsix. But we like what Sib and Pred are cookin’ up. We think that Sib’s combination of skill and impact make him a legitimate MVP contender.

Finally, let’s talk about a big “what-if.” If Surge outplace OpTic and/or FaZe in the home stretch and playoffs, we see a very realistic scenario where Sib or Pred take the lead in the MVP race. Yes, you heard right. Stay tuned.

Author: SentientPolk

I am Seth Lobo, a writer for Breaking Point as well as a cohost for the Hipfire Podcast. I have been a competitive Call of Duty fan since Black Ops 3 Champs and have previously worked with Cod Gamepedia writing bios for many pro and am players. I have recently turned my passion for Cod Comp into creative ventures and content creation.

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