MVP Watch 2021: Midseason Edition

Through five months of play, three MVP candidates have emerged. A further six players are in the mix. The majority of players we cover below hail from the gang of three at the top of the CDL—FaZe, Ultra, and NYSL. A few rookies are in the conversation, but it’s going to be hard for them to beat out the Avengers-esque squad assembled by FaZe.

The March 2021 early edition of Breaking Point’s MVP Watch can be found here.


PhaZe up to Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris. aBeZy remains at the number 1 spot for the MVP award. Despite the loss in Stage 2, aBeZy was also leading in our early MVP watch back in March. Atlanta FaZe are currently the best team in the game, and every player on the roster has the potential to take over. However, there are a few keys that give the edge to aBeZy. Where do we start? First is aBeZy’s gaudy 21.9% first blood rate in SnD. He is #1 in SnD first bloods in the CDL by a wide margin (through all three stages and 40+ maps of SnD). He also finished Stage 3 with a 1.32 SnD K/D

aBeZy 2021 Season Stats

Individual Stat Highlights: 1.08 overall K/D (#6), 0.85 SnD Kills Per Round (#2),1.18 SnD K/D (#4), 21.9% SnD First Blood % (#1), 20.9 CTL Kills Per 10 Minutes (#3).
Top Tourney Finishes: 🥇🥇🥈
Top Stage Finishes:  🥇🥇🥈
Team Record: 24 – 4 (1st)

aBezy is also a top performer for FaZe in respawns. He leads the team in engagements, kills per 10 minutes, and hill time in Hardpoints over the course of the season. In both Hardpoint and Control, the entire roster is putting up impressive numbers, but the fact that aBeZy is able to put up similar numbers playing at a manic pace is both impressive and extremely valuable for FaZe. When aBeZy is having a good game, which happens more often than not, he is able to dictate the pace of the map and consistently pick up meaningful rotation kills. A case can be made for anyone on FaZe, but aBeZy’s SnD dominance and influence in respawns sets him apart from the rest of the pack. 


It is safe to say that Dallas may be regretting their decision to let Clayster go? Before discussing stats, the fact that Clayster is once again leading a team full of raw, young talent to second overall in the league standings is absolutely absurd. With unforeseen issues forcing roster changes in the preseason, NYSL have fought through the adversity. They finished in 2nd at the last major. With the addition of HyDra’s talent, NYSL are close to taking home a major, and Clayster is playing a vital role in tipping them over that edge. 

Clayster 2021 Season Stats

Individual Stat Highlights: 23.9 HP Kills Per 10 Minutes (#3), 4,637 HP Damage Per 10 Minutes (#3), 3,968 CTL Damage Per 10 Minutes (#6).
Top Tourney Finishes: 🥈🥉
Top Stage Finishes:  🥇🥈🥉
Team Record: 17 – 9 (2nd)

Clayster’s stats are a little bit more complicated to analyze than a normal main AR. He plays at an accelerated pace and doesn’t always prioritize individual positioning over team positioning. In Stage 3, Clayster led all players on NYSL in respawn engagements, averaging the most kills per 10 minutes and close the most deaths per 10 minutes as well. The stat line below tells the story of Clay’s impact. 

In this series against LA Thieves, Clayster had the most kills and deaths on his team by a wide margin. He was second in damage in the lobby, and outclassed Kenny and Drazah, the aggressive AR’s on LAT, en route a 3-1 victory. Watching his gameplay, it’s hard to imagine that Clay is the oldest CDL player. He’s an aggressive AR, and his pressure on the map allows his teammates to constantly find themselves in favorable situations and gunfights. 


Insight 2021 Season Stats

Individual Stat Highlights: 1.11 overall K/D (#5), 1.13 HP K/D (#3). 1.28 SnD K/D (#1), 0.77 SnD Kills Per Round (#8).
Top Tourney Finishes: 🥇🥉
Top Stage Finishes:  🥇🥉
Team Record: 18 – 12 (4th)

Despite not playing in Stage 1, Insight has been able to prove that he is a top AR in the game. He was the best AR in Stage 2 with the four highest overall K/D and an unreal 1.56 SnD K/D. At the end of Stage 3, Insight has the fifth highest overall K/D and still has the current highest SnD K/D at 1.29

Toronto Ultra dominated in group play, losing only 1 map and then losing twice to FaZe in two close game 5’s. Cammy’s rise in Stage 3 may have diluted Insights stat’s somewhat, but his impact is undeniable.

The reason why Insight stands out on Toronto is his strong understanding of the game. One of the best ways to identify that strength is to look at Insight’s playstyle in Control. In Stage 3, Insight had  a team leading 1.15 K/D in Control, but had the lowest engagements and kills on the team. It’s not necessarily just a slow playstyle, but a methodical playstyle based on where the other team is spawning and where he needs to be positioned to have the greatest impact. As a result, Control went from Toronto’s worst game mode in Stage 1, to their best in Stages 2 and 3.

Keep an Eye on These Players

The Atlanta Faze Crew: Simp, Arcitys, Cellium. Simp is the best Control player in CDL and has the highest overall K/D this season (1.16). Arcitys was player of the stage in Stage 3, and Cellium is the top overall flex player in the game with the #4 overall K/D (1.13). They all are potential MVP candidates, and they’re all on the same team. It’s going to be hard to distinguish yourself, but this point, it’s more likely than not that aBeZy, Simp, or one of the FaZe players will be taking home the MVP this season.

The Young Guns on Ultra: Cammy and CleanX. CammyMVP’s MVP campaign has finally launched. Cammy had an unreal Stage 3, where he had the third highest overall K/D (1.12), and a league best 1.30 SnD K/D. He showed insane levels of aggression during Stage 3 while also dominating in SnD. Cammy is in contention with Cellium for best flex in the game. Likewise, his teammate CleanX has been equally stellar. Over the course of the season, CleanX has improved as a Control player, and is consistently one of the top SMG’s in the League in damage and kills per minute in respawn. Both CleanX and Cammy could creep up further into the conversation if Ultra are able to convincingly reclaim the top spot from FaZe.

Hail HyDra

The French phenom has arrived in America and has taken the CDL by storm. He had the second highest overall K/D in Stage 3 (1.13) and has helped transform NYSL into the best Hardpoint team in the game. With more time to grow comfortable with the team, HyDra is likely only going to get better. In addition to being one of the front runners for ROTY, he is also one of our dark horse MVP candidates. In Black Ops 4, Simp also debuted in the spring, and placed 2nd at his first pro tournament. Can Paco replicate the magic this season?

Outside Looking In

Dashy Season

Bruce is back. Kind of. Dashy has had a tumultuous season so far. He hit MVP form during the XM4 meta, yet has not been able to show it consistently with the Krig. For Chicago to take home majors and compete with the best, they need Dashy to get back into MVP form on a consistent basis. Right now, Chicago is a level below the top three teams, and until they’re able to break through, Dashy is going to be on the outside looking in.  

Kuavo Kenny

After a switch to the main AR role, Kenny has experienced an individual renaissance. His team, however, has not seen widespread success. Despite being the #2 Hardpoint slayer and #2 Hardpoint damage dealer on a per minute basis, the Thieves sit squarely in the middle of the CDL pack. If Kenny continues to be dominant with a Krig, and the LA Thieves break top 4, he can find another trophy to match his 2018 CWL Pro League Stage 2 MVP.

Author: SentientPolk

I am Seth Lobo, a writer for Breaking Point as well as a cohost for the Hipfire Podcast. I have been a competitive Call of Duty fan since Black Ops 3 Champs and have previously worked with Cod Gamepedia writing bios for many pro and am players. I have recently turned my passion for Cod Comp into creative ventures and content creation.

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