Methodz benched from Toronto Ultra

Anthony “Methodz” Zinni has announced on Twitter this afternoon that he has been benched from the Toronto Ultra. The move comes as a surprise, as it is the first roster change after the Major.

Preseason Signs

The Toronto Ultra decided to stick with a four-man squad consisting of the same starting line-up from last season with Ben “Bance” Bance, Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan, Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson, and Methodz. They were the only team outside of the defending champs to not make a change. The only acquisition they made was signing CleanX’s former teammate Insight. As a main AR, signing Insight and having him come over from EU to Canada shows that the Ultra were serious about having him in the starting line-up.

Stage 1 Performance

The reason for why many may view this move as a surprise is because Methodz did not play badly individually. He was a top AR in SnD including being the only pro to pull off a 1v4. This move was not made due to Methodz’s skill, but rather the team’s performance as a whole.

The Ultra consistently choked hardpoints away and looked like one of the worst control teams in the game. The mistakes they were making reflected on poor team play, such as their inability to hold or break p5 on Raid or their collapse in control against 100T losing 2v7. They are small examples, but those mistakes are caused by a lack of team chemistry.

What Insight Can Bring to the Table

Insight is coming in after winning back-to-back tournament victories in the AM scene. What’s impressive about those victories is that they are with a new team and with a player trying out variant for the first time. Insight was able to lead the team to success while also dropping impressive stats. In the last tournament he dropped a 1.38 K/D across the grand finals. Beyond the stats, Insight has proven he can compete at a high level in the AM scene for a few years. He has had success with SNG in the past including a run with CleanX in Black Ops 4 Champs.

Bottom Line

It is not clear to say that dropping Methodz will be an instant fix, but for the Ultra, they likely want to try Insight out as the main AR and see if it can get the rest of the team clicking well. Bringing in fresh talent and a player who can be an in-game-leader can fix some of those chemistry issues and tighten up the mistakes. The Ultra are looking for a proactive approach to fix issues in Stage 1, and Insight will need to rise to the occasion to prove that it was a worthwhile endeavor. 

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