Major Storylines and Key Matchups For CDL Week 1

Here are three spicy storyline matches for the first week of CDL 2023 action on MW2.

Minnesota vs Toronto

On Saturday December 3rd we get to see the battle of the North. As much as this rivalry has been entertaining, we are in for a serious treat this year. Bance and Cammy have found themselves alongside Attach and Afro in Minnesota after playing three seasons with Toronto. As for Toronto they picked up Standy after he played two seasons for Minnesota. Tensions will be high as players prove that they shouldn’t have been dropped from their squads. 

PaulEhx vs NYSL

Following the battle of the North on December 3rd we see a moment for revenge for PaulEhx. He was dropped from NYSL after playing for them during a short stint in the Vanguard season. There was a lot of turmoil between the players, coaches, and management on that team throughout the 2022 CDL Season. Ultimately Paul was dropped alongside Crimsix after the season concluded. From spicy Flank episodes to tweets calling players out there is clearly some bad blood between these two. 

LA Thieves vs FaZe

On Sunday December 4th we get to see the two powerhouse teams go at it. The rematch from last season’s champs should be a battle. FaZe has made a change by replacing Arcitys with SlasheR and he has a lot to prove. As for the LA Thieves they have a target on their back this season. Among coaches and players it is agreed that LAT look like the strongest squad as they continue to ride off of their successes from last season. 

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