Los Angeles Guerrillas To Bench Vivid, Add Chino, and Move SiLLY to SMG

Today, on Twitter, the Los Angeles Guerrillas announced the removal of Vivid from the starting lineup. In the same video, the organization announced the addition of Chino to the starting lineup, and a role change for SiLLY from an AR player to an SMG player. Chino was previously an AR player on the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy team.

The Los Angeles Guerrillas were not projected to be a top CDL team this season. In Stage 1, the Guerrillas snuck into an upper bracket Major start on the strength of tiebreakers, and finished in sixth place at the Stage 1 Major. In Stage 2, they finished in fifth place in Group A (ahead of only the ailing LA Thieves), and finished in twelfth place at the Stage 2 Major, after being swept by the Mutineers. In the announcement video, the coaches indicated that “ultimately, [the team’s] end goal is not to just qualify for playoffs, but to win playoffs.”

Chino is most known for his placements with Team Kalibre in the 2018 season, with back-to-back wins at CWL Dallas and CWL New Orleans. In recent years, Chino’s top placements include a second place finish at the CDL Florida homestand in 2020 and a top twelve finish at Champs in 2019. Recently, he qualified for Season 3 of the North American Challengers Elite League with the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy team.

The Guerrillas currently lead a pack of “have nots”the bottom 5 CDL teamsat 70 CDL points. They exceeded expectations in Stage 1, but stumbled and fell into a downward spiral during Stage 2. Tied with Paris Legion, the Guerrillas accumulated the fewest CDL points of any team (+20) in Stage 2. Outside of the impressive win against FaZe, they hold zero quality wins against top teams through the two opening stages. In previous rankings and articles, Breaking Point has covered the team’s low overall map win percentage (currently at 39%, 11th out of 12 CDL teams), and inability to win respawn maps.

On a technical level, the team has also struggled with pacing issues. Vivid is a cracked SMG, but the rest of the team struggles at times to match his pacing. Looking at engagements on a strict K/D basis, Vivid is 20% faster than any other player on his team (18% more deaths per 10 minutes) in Hardpoint. He dies significantly more (0.76 DpR vs. 0.67 DpR) in SnD than any other player on his team, and also plays significantly faster than the rest of his team in Control.

Vivid the Warrior: Fast, aggressive, and polarizing playstyle with little regard for human life, even his own.

Despite his low K/D and polarizing playstyle, Vivid has been one of the top players in terms of raw kill and damage output across all 3 game modes. Through two stages, he ranks in the top 5 in multiple categories: HP kills per 10 minutes, HP damage per 10 minutes, Control kills per 10 minutes, Control damage per 10 minutes, and SnD 1st blood percentage.

Instant Reaction: In Breaking Point’s April CDL Power Rankings, we covered LAG’s need for a role change, roster change, or any drastic change to contend with the top teams. This move, however, is cryptic and baffling. Vivid is one of the most aggressive SMG players in the League. Chino is a slow AR who saw his greatest success on Call of Duty: WWII, one of the slowest and most methodical titles in recent years. Outside of a move to improve team chemistry, one justification for this move would be the team’s desire to slow down the pacing. Vivid is one of the most aggressive players in the League, and perhaps the team believes they would improve by adopting a more methodical and calculated playstyle.

Stage III of the CDL 2021 season begins tomorrow. The Los Angeles Guerrillas play Paris Legion this Saturday, April 24, at 3 PM Eastern time.

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