Legion upset OpTic, take series 3-1!

The undefeated boys in green would take on the struggling Vegas Legion in the 2nd match of the night. Vegas have continued to look like one of the best SnD teams in the game but have struggled to win a respawn for love nor money.

Vegas came out strong on the first rotation managing to hold strong when they got early control and also managed to prevent OpTic from accruing a massive chunk of time. A 50 point lead after the first set off could’ve quickly dissipated on the first few hills but Vegas made a big break onto P2 before iLLeY pulled out a huge 3 piece to keep OpTic in Control of P3 and put us at a near level game. TJHaLy went massive for Vegas twice at the end as he picked up big 3 pieces on the rotation to P4 and lined up OpTic on P5 as they flooded towards the hill. 

Vegas’ strategy is normally to steal a respawn and let their SnD gameplay do the rest and they got that map straight away. TJ continued his impressive form from Map 1 as he started 6-1 picking up streaks early on. OpTic however weren’t going down without a fight as they chained 3 rounds in a row to lead 4-3. Prolute evened the map up with a 1v2 but Vegas could not deal with Shotzzy on the flank as he came up big in back to back rounds to give OpTic Texas the map victory. Maybe not the way you would have expected but the series was tied 1-1 going into the swing game

mode of Control.

OpTic Texas so far this stage have gone unbeaten in Control whereas Vegas have so far been winless in Stage 2, very contrasting records but anything can happen.

It was a hot start for Temp in the Control as Vegas claimed an early offensive victory, that Cruise Missile he earned was used to perfection as he picked up all 4 members of OpTic Texas as they attempted to stack the B Point. OpTic quickly evened the map up 2-2 but Vegas emerged victorious on the final offense to lead the series 2-1. 0-4 defeats 3-0, as I said anything can happen!

The 2nd Hydro of the day was very much like the first one as Vegas accrued a 100 point lead after the first rotation. A massive play from Shotzzy got OpTic back in the game as he went for a swim to flip the spawns on P2, Dashy proceeded to go on an 11 spree but OpTic could still not gather much time and the Legion managed to close it 250-173 on P5. A huge map from Temp as he went 28/15 to counteract Dashy at 28/18.

Vegas were 1-10 in Respawns in Stage 2 before this series  took all 3 to hand OpTic their first loss of the post Scump era.

Author: LordJosh

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