LA Thieves stay alive, win 3-0 over London

The second series of the night was one of the most important of the night. Both teams haven’t looked terrific this stage, and with Kenny sick, LAT had to field Capsidal for as a stand-in. Thanks to Dr. Doug Liebe, we were able to see the chances to make Winners Bracket for Major 2 depending on the result. This was the series that would decide who is still alive, with LA being placed in the Losers Bracket with a loss.

Fortress Hardpoint starting off with a bang, as London successfully turned the good side into a major lead. The Royal Ravens took a 96-26 lead after three hills, with a 48-point perfect hold on P3. LA bounced back, going on a 98-27 run to tie the map at 123-123. After more back and forth gameplay, it would come down to a final third rotation. London had a 242-225 lead, just needing 8 points to upset the Thieves. But LA wouldn’t go down, and perfectly held the final hill to win 250-225.

LA would continue the momentum into the next map. Hotel SnD would start with LA taking a 3-1 lead. Capsidal would make a highlight reel play, taking down all four London players to secure the ace. LA wouldn’t look back, and would finish the map 6-2 to take a 2-0 series lead. Capsidal had a great map, finishing 10-6 (1.67 KD) with 1074 damage and went 2-0 in opening duels. While London kept it extremely close in Hardpoint, they were outmatched in the SnD.

London would again be lackluster in respawns, starting slow in the Hotel Control. The Royal Ravens would drop the first two rounds of the map, putting them into a deep hole to start the game. Even with a Skrapz 1v1 clutch to win round 3, London would quickly fall in round 4. The Thieves used a B breakoff to quickly capture B and then wear down the defense on A. With this, the Thieves took the series 3-0 and stay alive to make it into the Winners Bracket!

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