Kismet & Karma: How Paris Legion Fumbled a Treasure Trove of Pickups

Texas Nation x Paris Legion

After today’s victory against OpTic Texas, NYSL SMG KiSMET took to The Flank and Twitch chat to discuss his time with former team Paris Legion as well as his potential return earlier in the season. After the win today, NYSL are 4-0 in the Stage 4 Qualifiers and poised to make a potential Cinderella run to Champs.

On The Flank, KiSMET revealed that his Texas Nation Challengers Team (KiSMET, Havok, General and Breszy) offered to play for Legion for the League minimum salary (roughly $50,000 per year) earlier this season. But Paris turned down the 7-time consecutive NA Challengers Champions. He claimed that Drew McCourt, the owner of Paris Legion, “doesn’t spend money” and wasn’t willing to keep the Texas Nation team together.

Havok is now starting for Minnesota RØKKR, and General is OpTic‘s substitute. Breszy most recently won season 4 of the EU Challengers Elite (under Aw0babobs), notching 3 total Elite stage wins on the season.

KiSMET went on to talk about his time in the Paris Legion during the Modern Warfare season, where he said the organization “forced [the Legion players to live] in California” and “said no to [relocating to] Texas”. The Bulldog got in a shot of his own, calling the owner “dumb” after McCourt told him to “watch [Paris Legion] succeed” in the upcoming season. Paris are 2-20 after today’s loss to LA Thieves.

Three Years of Fumbles

Earlier in the season, Seattle General Manager Novus revealed that Paris turned down an opportunity to sign HyDra, Sib, and Mack to Challengers roster in Modern Warfare. According to Crone, during the Cold War offseason they missed out again on HyDra as well as well as Surge‘s MVP and ROTY candidate, Pred, and London Royal Ravens’ SMG star Afro. Breaking Point independently verified these previous reports from Crone.

Legion passed on Texas Nation. It isn’t the first time they’ve passed on talent. The organization has been passing up a treasure trove of franchise players — including HyDra, Sib, Mack, Pred and Afro — over a period of three years. Can they reboot, or is it truly chalked? With the upcoming move to Las Vegas, and the franchise’s best player, Temp, visibly frustrated, Legion are between a rock and a hard place. But make no mistake, whether it’s bad karma for Legion, or kismet for players who have successfully avoided the franchise, the team has squandered over three years of opportunities.

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