Introduction to the Top 20 Challengers of Modern Warfare 2

After months of competition, the Modern Warfare 2 season is finally over. With that being said, it is time to start breaking down and looking over the entire year to create our Top 20 players of the season for both Challengers and within the CDL.

The Process

This season we changed the voting process slightly to give the players a voice in the initial stage. In total, there were four BreakingPoint members, eight members of the media or talent, and eight players from the top 8 placing teams at the Challengers Finals (4 NA and 4 EU players) that were asked to vote. The players were weighed slightly less than the talent to offset biases towards teams or regions, not having played against certain players in matches or had access to VODs of past tournaments.

From there, a list was compiled using the average vote placement of all of the total voting forms. Next, there was a debate call to see if any players were left off of lists, to hear any arguments to move up or down any players, and to finalize the Top 20 Challengers of Modern Warfare 2 list.

Which players were eligible?

Each year it is very difficult to decide the cut off for how much experience in the professional Call of Duty League players can have before they are in-eligible for the list. This year it was decided that after playing within two stages of professional play, any players would not be able to be included within this list. That makes Prolute, 2ReaL, Ghosty, Hicksy, Fame, Beans, Kremp, FeLo, Capsidal, Nero, Vikul, Assault, Exceed, JoeDeceives, Skrapz, and Uli were not able to be included on this list even though they played in Challengers this year.

The Top 20 Challengers of Vanguard

20th through 16th

15th through 11th

10th through 6th

5th through 1st

The 2023 List

20th through 16th releasing on July 20th


15th through 11th releasing on July 21st


10th through 6th releasing on July 23rd

10th :

9th :

8th :

7th :

6th :

15th through 11th releasing on July 24th

5th :

4th :

3rd :

2nd :

1st :

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