INTELCallofDuty reveals rumoured Paris Legion roster

A recent article by prominent Call of Duty leaker Cory “CRONE” Davis, known in the community as @INTELCallofDuty on Twitter has revealed CDL team Paris Legion are targeting a roster of Skrapz, Goonjar, AquA and Fire.

Paris Legion’s troubles with a roster for the 2021 season have been significant over the past month, with leakers revealing the team was unwilling to pay anything over the minimum salary for their players, severely restricting their options. French fans were hoping that Paris would be fielding a roster containing french players, however this dream appeared to fade when young-gun HyDra was signed by Subliners last month.

The reaction on social media has been largely negative regarding this leaked roster. With the breadth of former CDL players who are currently unsigned (due to CDL spots dropping from 60 last year to 48 this year), fans were surprised by lack of history between the rumoured players. Fire and Goonjar are the only players to have played together before, during a stint in Challengers last season.

Confusion appears to be the main emotion expressed by fans, with many struggling to understand the picks of Goonjar, a player who has not played at the top level of CoD in over a year, and Fire, a rookie who many see as too inexperienced to be playing in the CDL just yet. This is also reflected in the tweets of current or former CDL players, with ex-London Royal Ravens player, and brother to Skrapz, wuskinz stating the community will be “gobsmacked” when the roster is revealed.

We await official confirmation of the lineup from either the organization or the players.

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