Impact Plays of the Week

This week, we dive into a few memorable plays from Major III.

Seattle Surge vs Atlanta FaZe
Game 3, Tuscan Control, Winners Finals

All reverse sweeps start with game 3.

After Atlanta FaZe secured defense for round 5 on Tuscan Control, the reverse sweep was looking bleak for the Surge. FaZe gave up A point early on in the round (as is customary for Tuscan Control).

With a 13-4 life advantage FaZe were slated for a seat in the grand finals. But then it happened. The dreaded 4 down.

How did it happen? The sequence started with a Sib grenade and clean two piece from Mack in church alley. Cellium left it open, not watching it from top plat. Cell then rushed back up to plat to cover the gap, but Pred already slid back alley to take him out, leaving Arcitys in the back to be caught by Accuracy. The clean 4 down. The Surge stacked with 3 people, leaving FaZe players having to rush down church alley to contest — only to be met with the waiting pre-aims of Accuracy and Mack.

This momentum changing clutch turned the tides of the series. It was a fantastic offensive take from the Seattle Surge showing the importance of 4 down in Control. Surge would go on to reverse sweep Atlanta Faze to make their first grand finals appearance of the year.

Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Thieves
Game 2, Berlin SnD (Round 11), Losers Semifinal

The Toronto Ultra were looking to make a statement. It was their home turf. And it was time to make a stand. A return to Cold War glory. After an intense map 1 in the losers semifinal, Ultra were looking to take a commanding 2-0 lead. It came down to a round 11. 2v2. Insight and Cammy vs. Drazah and Octane. You can see what happens below:

The textbook way to play a 2v2 is to group up and play together. And to LAT‘s credit, they did group up. However, Insight went back to his old Cold War antics and played very slowly, hiding from the gunfight and wasting time on the defuse. Playing around the clock is an Ultra special. After Insight’s initial stalling tactics, Cammy was able to keep Drazah off the defuse and win the round for Ultra.

This play and others kept the crowd on Ultra’s favor throughout this event, where Ultra secured top 3 placement and victory over LAT.

Seattle Surge vs Atlanta FaZe
Game 8, Tuscan Hardpoint, Grand Finals

The tale of the two pieces. Accuracy and Mack both popped ridiculous two pieces on P5 to secure the final map against Atlanta Faze to give the Seattle Surge their first major title. After a competitive map going into the final set of rotations, Surge kicked it into overdrive, and these two moments cemented the series.

P5 Tuscan is the mixiest hill in Vanguard. It can often be a place to close out the map, force a desperate contest, or force a final P1 rotation. Surge was not looking to rotate here. They forced FaZe into bad timings, and unfortunate gunfights, using streaks to close out and not allow FaZe to even sniff a contest.

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