How the 2021 CDL cards work

This years CDL cards have some had notable additions and adjustments to attempt to more accurately track the statistics of players through out the season, and attempt to provide some insight into how well each player and team is performing on the stat sheet in a condensed and digestible format.


The Overall Rating

The Overall rating is determined by 3 factors:
  1. In-game statistics
  2. The players role 
  3. Their teams Win/Loss record
  • Kill/Death ratio plays no influence on overall rating.
The role of a player will determine which set of players their statistics are compared against (SMG players will only be ranked against other SMG players, Flex against Flex players and AR’s against AR’s). This creates disparities between why certain stats are good for certain roles.


Game-mode Stat Ratings

Only the best 2 stat groups per game-mode are chosen to effect the players overall rating. The reasoning being, a single player should not be prolific in every stat line to be playing their role correctly. The colored boxes count towards the rating, the greyed out box does not.
Each statistic is ranked from 50-99, 50 being the worst and 99 the best. This number is calculated by ranking said player amongst every other player in the same role in every stat group.
For example; if an SMG player was 2nd in kills per 10 minutes in Hardpoint out of a pool of 25 SMG players; in this category they would have a 97 rating because 2nd out of 25 is relative to 4 out of 100, to match the rating system of 50-99.
This is the case for every stat on the card, but the 2 best stats from all 3 game-modes get added together, and then divided by 6 to get the players initial overall rating, prior to adding the +/- of their teams record.


Team Record

Team record is now a part of a players rating. If a team goes 4-1 in a tournament or group stage, then +3 is added to their overall to provide a positive incentive to win matches on the cards, unlike previous years where the cards were purely based off individual statistical performance.

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    How can we buy these cards??

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    Hello! Can I make my own Player Card? If not you should make it a feature, would go viral in the community (Twitter profile pics etc). Also big promotion oppurtunity for you guys 🙂

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