Havok Returns to Starting Lineup for Florida Mutineers

Today, Havok was announced as a starting player on the Florida Mutineers, according to the organization. On Sunday, Slacked announced on Twitter that he was benched by the Florida Mutineers going forward.

Last season, Havok was part of the Florida Mutineers team that won three homestand events, but was benched by the Mutineers for rookie Neptune at the beginning of the season. After being spotted in practice lobbies with Florida Mutineers players, Decemate, Yeez, and Havok were flagged by Crone of CDL Intel as potential replacements for Slacked on the Mutineers.

Despite winning three homestand events last season, the Mutineers have struggled out of the gate. This season, Owakening has been putting up stellar individual production, but the team has struggled to place better than top eight in any tournament or group stage. The Mutineers placed at the bottom of their group during Stage 1, and finished 8th at the Stage 1 Major. In Stage 2, they once again placed at the bottom of their group, and finished 10th at the Stage 2 Major.

Havok joins Owakening, Neptune, and Skyz to round out the Florida Mutineers roster going into Stage 3 of the CDL 2021 season.

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