Fastest way to get GOLD Camos in MW2!

Starting the gold camo grind in Modern Warfare II? Here are EIGHT tips for how the fastest ways to get gold camos and earn yourself that Polyatomic camo!

1. Get the overpowered guns done now!

Guns that are overpowered now, may not be in the future. Weapons may be tuned in the near future. If the gun that is the best right now gets nerfed significantly, it’ll be much harder to complete the challenges in the future. This applies heavily to the M4, Kastov-74u, SP-R 208 and more.

2. Use decoy grenades as your tactical

Any XP that you earn while in the map also is added to your weapon XP. That means assists earned by throwing your decoy grenades will help you earn more XP for weapons. This will help with harder guns, like the launchers and riot shield. Remember to throw your decoy grenade towards hot spots on the map every single life to earn maximum experience over the course of the map.

3. Stay on weaker guns once you start them

With skill-based matchmaking again in the game, it can be difficult to complete the worst weapons while doing stronger weapons at the same time. You can use the SBMM to your advantage though and make your life a lot easier.

Once you start the harder weapons, whether that is the launchers, knife, or even snipers, keep using those weapons until you are done. You will originally start to do worse in the higher level SBMM lobbies and get placed in easier lobbies as you go. If you pull out a AR or SMG and perform well again, you’ll find yourself back in harder lobbies. Stay with the noobs while you grind your way through the difficult weapons and you’ll save a lot of time.

4. Playing the right game mode

Playing the objective also helps you level up your weapons faster in Modern Warfare II. The best mode for leveling up those weapons in 6v6 currently is Kill Confirmed. Remember to capture or deny as many tags as you can, as those objective XP will continue leveling up weapons.

Players can also play Ground War Invasion or Warzone and search for bots on the outskirts on the maps. In Invasion, a common tactic is current to kill bots on the fringes of the maps, as bots are very easy to kill and earn you XP. Playing the right game mode will help you get through all the weapons as fast as possible.

5. Use double weapon XP smartly

When Players activate double weapon XP, remember to not use weapons that are already max level or weapons that are easy to level up. Use that time to level up weapons that can take longer or weapons that you do not enjoy using. To maximize your efficiency, leave around 3 levels left on the weapon so that when you are doing challenges you are also finishing the final levels. This will save Players a significant level of time in the long run.

6. Do the new DLC weapons instead of weak ARs or SMGs.

There are four new weapons coming into the game for Season 1. Modern Warfare II is bringing in two new AR weapons (M13B and Chimera), a new sniper (Victus XMR) and a new SMG (BAS-P). These weapons can replace weaker ones in their respective categories. Instead of getting gold with the weak M16, try the M13B or Chimera to see if it will be easier to get gold with those weapons. This will make the road to Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion much easier and shorter.

7. Have multiple classes ready depending on the map

Certain maps will cater to certain weapon classes across MW2. While El Asilo and Taraq are easier for snipers and marksmen rifles, that is not the case on other maps like Mercado, Embassy, or Farm 18. Have multiple classes made for the weapons you are working on so that when the right map is coming up you are ready.

8. Keep track of the weapons you have completed

The final tip for getting Gold Camos the fastest in Modern Warfare II is keeping track of the weapons that you have completed. This helps in multiple ways. First, it helps with motivation. Seeing yourself complete numerous weapons will give you a boost in motivation to keep grinding and get past the most difficult of guns. This also helps coordinate how many you have left and which weapons you have to make classes for. Remember, the road may be long but the mastery rewards this season are certainly worth it.

Author: EasyMac

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  1. Difficulties in leveling up the launchers? Hop in a car in dmz, just drive arount. You get xp for enemies you drive over and pois visited.
    Once you die, hop back in multiplayer and try to enjoy the game

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