Everything you need to know about the Last Chance Qualifier for Challenger Champs

This weekend up to eight amateur teams in each region will compete in the Last Chance Qualifier for an opportunity to secure the final four spots at Challenger Champs which kicks off on in early August, and here’s everything you need to know including the teams playing, where to watch, and which teams to look out for.

Only the top-eight teams from each region qualify for a chance to play this weekend, and out of those eight teams, only ONE team can qualify per region.

The tournament will be held online, and coverage will be available from the official Challengers YouTube channel hosted by Clutch GG. Tournaments are expected to start at 12:00pm local time in each region, stream schedule is below

Schedule via WeAreClutchGG

The four teams that qualify from each region will join Toronto Academy NA, Toronto Academy EU, Team WaR, and Iron Blood Gaming who all auto-qualified by having the top-four highest pro-points on the worldwide ladder.

Once all eight teams are confirmed, they’ll fly to Los Angeles during Championship Weekend and play in a two-day double elimination style bracket for their share of $250,000.

Below we’ve listed the teams playing, and mentioned which ones we think are the most notable.

North America

  • Davpadie, Diamondcon, Prolute, and Royalty. (705 Esports)
  • Cryptic, Hollow, Uli, and Mind. (Aw0babobs NA)
  • GodRX, Pandur, Fame, and Pentagrxm. (Electrify Steel)
  • Kyzer, Wrecks, Jintroid, and John. (Timeless Esports)
  • Clayster, Prestinni, FeLo, and Venom.
  • Phantomz, Xotic, Noysii, and Capsidal.
  • Seany, Ghosty, Volants, and Censor. (Boston Academy)
  • Mock, Bink, Radial, and Dak.

The North American circuit is close to impossible to predict. Only two of the eight rosters were together during the Boston Open two weeks ago.

Boston Academy and Electrify Steel have both impressed heavily on LAN at the last two tournaments, but have struggled a lot more in an online environment. The strength and depth in North American Challengers is highlighted by the fact that only one of the eight rosters doesn’t include a player who has competed in the Call of Duty League, and three rosters have had all four players signed to a Call of Duty League franchise. 

The number one seed is led by Florida Mutineers’ former starting player Davpadie, and with a strong roster on paper they could be the main team to watch out for, but only time will tell.


  • Lucky, Sukry, ReeaL, and MettalZ. (RØKKR Academy)
  • SupeR, JurNii, EriKBoom, and YaKo. (AYM Esports)
  • Breszy, Abuzah, Cobra, and Chaaxter. (Aw0babobs EU)
  • Rafi, Grad, Henry, and Nolson.
  • Mythix, FDzE, Keza, and Joqa. (Katana Gaming)
  • Runner, Snake, Aromaa, and Shaun.
  • BBConor, Genesis, JonnyW, and Kels. (Aw0babobs Academy EU)
  • Niall, JRezzy, RossJ, and Cruz.

Due to a recent roster formation in North America, RØKKR Academy were unfortunately overtaken in pro-points and were stripped of their auto qualification, and now they’ll have to qualify the old-fashioned way via the Last Chance Qualifier gauntlet.

Despite placing top-24, and top-16 twice at the three LAN tournaments hosted by franchised teams this season, RØKKR Academy is still looked at as the favorites in Europe after having placed top three in 12 of the 15 online tournaments they’ve competed in this year.

RØKKR’s main rivals will be fellow Spanish roster AYM Esports who finally showed some promise at the most recent open tournament in Boston with a top-eight finish, as well as the European Stage 4 Elite champions Aw0babos EU, led by Breszy, who dominated North America with Havok, KiSMET, and General in the first half of the season.

Latin America

  • Lucho, DJ, Evadde, and Dylan.
  • Couti, Traix, Zooner, and Sukry. (D1 Gaming)
  • Combo, ITraDex, Jano, and Keo (Alpha Esports)
  • Krevz, Biel, Elitz, and Caos.
  • Staalk, Fxded, DiEM, and RA.
  • Frosty, MKL, Ryxma, and Syco.
  • PJ, Zamu, Death, and Elmentao.

Latin American is a bit more complicated. D1 Gaming left the region to compete in North America for a few months and impressed the region when they made the Stage 4 Elite and grabbed a top-12 placement at Boston, but due to location rules, they have had to split and return to their respective regions.

For Latin America, only six to seven teams are rumored to be playing this weekend, due to most players not having visas ready to travel if they were to win.

Note: LATAM teams named above could change, not all will be playing.


  • Louqa, Shockz, Fighta, and Restalling.
  • Spon, Imagine, Khizma, and Rhein. (Void Collective)
  • Jazhn, CronusKun, Durdev, and Lymax. (PointBlank)
  • Nimble, Crimzah, Setz, and Zepa. (Mindfreak)
  • Liaym, Ted, Adoncitys, and Nath.
  • Vision, DOOMED, Liam, and Pakesy.
  • JRukzz, BigCee, King, and Jayory.
  • Wilko, Azza, JonnyG, and Bazzeh.

The Australian trio of Louqa, Shockz, and Fighta, currently joined by Restalling, have won six of the last eight Asia/Pacific Challenger Cups, and have shown themselves to be the clear favorites heading into this weekend.

However, Void Collective won the other two Cups and could make a run at this weekend’s tournament.

Note: APAC teams named above could change, not all will be playing.

Auto-qualified teams

  • Scrappy, Vikul, Hicksy, and Assault. (Ultra Academy NA)
  • Denza, Maple, WarDy, and Harry. (Team WaR)
  • Vortex, Beans, Furious, and Weeman. (Ultra Academy EU)
  • Exceed, Brack, Mohak, and Classic. (Iron Blood Gaming)
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