European cities we’d like to see in the CDL

The Call of Duty League currently has only two European franchises within the League. With fans hoping that we get 4 additional teams added to the League next season, we started to think about which cities would make great additions.

The two cities already taken are the same for both the CDL and Overwatch League, London and Paris. London, England is home to the London Royal Ravens of the CDL and London Spitfire of the OWL. London is the second biggest city in Europe, coming in at a population of 7,556,900 people. The next city Paris, France, is also apart of both cities. In the CDL, it home of the Paris Legion, while the Paris Eternal is the OWL team. Paris comes in at #8 for biggest cities in Europe, having a population of 2,138,551. Below we will touch on 16 possible franchise locations that we’d love to see added to the CDL.

First up, Germany. While it may not be the first country fans will think of with Call of Duty, there are multiple cities that could work within the League. Berlin is the first city to come to mind, having the 4th largest population in Europe with 3,426,354. Berlin is home to the B.I.G. organization that competes in CS and has hosted tournaments across multiple esports. Next up is Cologne. Cologne is a legendary city in CS, having hosted some of the greatest tournaments in the history of the esport. It’s the MLG Anaheim of CS and would be a great addition to the League. The final city would be Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig is known for its professional football team Red Bull Leipzig. While it’s a small city (504,971 population), it’d be fantastic to have home matches at the Red Bull stadium. Any of these great German cities would be great additions to the European presence in the CDL.

Vamosss. Spain was heavily rumored to have a franchise in year 1 of the CDL. The rumor was that Heretics would be taking part in the original 12 teams with the team based out of Madrid. The Heretics roster made waves in Black Ops 4, finishing with surprising top 6 placements at multiple tournaments. The passionate Spanish fanbase is hopeful that they will have representation in season 3 of the League, and two cities come to mind. The first rumored location of Madrid would be a perfect fit. With a population of 3,255,944, the 5th most in Europe, the Spanish city would have a thriving, passionate home market. Another great city would be in Barcelona. Barca is home to one of the most popular football teams in the World and would have interest from multiple big esports organizations. Most notably, G2 esports, Giants Gaming, and of course Team Heretics.

Known mainly for its success in PC esports, Sweden would offer many great cities for the CDL. Stockholm, the 16th biggest city in Europe with a 1,515,017 population, has a deep history in esports, having hosted many tournaments over multiple great esports. While there aren’t many Swedish Call of Duty players, the city would be a great addition to the League to expand out of the current markets. The second city is also known for its history of tournaments, having hosted many tournaments for DreamHack and ESL. Malmö would be an intriguing option for potential organizations looking to join with a European Franchise.

With the success of the home tournament in London, getting another city to join the League would be a great option for potential expansion teams. One city that would fit very well is Manchester, England. With a population of 395,515, it’d be another great home market for the English fans and would surely host some of the best tournaments for the CDL.

Here is a list of other European cities that would be a great fit for the League if they wanted to expand their European division. From Ukraine to Ireland, the European market has many jewels for a home market that would have the great passion coming from deep football roots.

Kyiv, Ukraine (6. 2,797,553) – Capital of Ukraine, would be a great option for eastern Europe

Rome, Italy (7. 2,318,895) – Capital of Italy, great culture and passion in the home market

Vienna, Austria (14. 1,691,468) – Capital of Austria, great central European city

Copenhagen, Denmark (25. 1,153,615) – Denmarks’ Captial, home to great esports orgs like Astralis

Dublin, Ireland (35. 1,024,027) – Capital of Ireland, home tournaments would have amazing atmosphere and passion

Brussels, Belgium (36. 1,019,022) – Capital of Brussels, home to European Esports Federation

Amsterdam, Netherlands (54. 741,636) – Dutch capital, historic European city that would be a great headline city for new franchises

Lisbon, Portugal (517,802) – Capital of Portugal, home of legendary team K1ck, known more for OW and CS teams/players.

Here is the list of cities in this article. What cities would you like to see join the CDL?

London, England (2. 7,556,900)

Berlin, Germany (4. 3,426,354)

Madrid, Spain (5. 3,255,944)

Kyiv, Ukraine (6. 2,797,553)

Rome, Italy (7. 2,318,895)

Paris, France (8. 2,138,551)

Vienna, Austria (14. 1,691,468)

Barcelona, Spain (15. 1,621,537)

Stockholm, Sweden (16. 1,515,017)

Copenhagen, Denmark (25. 1,153,615)

Cologne, Germany (30. 1,087,863)

Dublin, Ireland (35. 1,024,027)

Brussels, Belgium (36. 1,019,022)

Amsterdam, Netherlands (54. 741,636)

Lisbon, Portugal (517,802)

Leipzig, Germany (504,971)

Manchester, England (395,515)

Malmö, Sweden (301,706)

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