EU Challengers Elite Stats (Season 1)

With the 2nd season of Challengers Elite set to begin tomorrow, here is a quick recap and statistics from the 1st season. Teams played round-robin matches for 4 days, which led to bracket play last week. The 8 teams played against each other once and then battled it out through Knockout & Playoff Brackets.

After a hard-fought 3-week season, RAMS took down Orgless in the Grand Finals to take the crown. Here were the full standings:

  1. RAMS (envdiaN, Jurnii, Lucky, MeTTalZz)
  2. Orgless (Joshh, Nastie, Vortex, Harry)
  3. TrainHard (Henry, HyDra, Keza, Wailers)
  4. Connect4 (Dqvee, Joee, Linney, Nolson)
  5. Team Singularity (Bidz, Denza, Detain, Maple)
  6. Obtained Esports (BBConor, Callum, Chain, Hisksy)
  7. House Tarth (Afro, Defrag, Gismo, Weeman)
  8. Team 3G (Aroma, Disarray, Genesis, Niall)

There were many standout performers across the season and teams getting progressively better as the weekend went along. Here are is a breakdown of the overall statistics & breakdowns for each game mode.

Overall Statistics

The leader in overall KD came from the champions RAMS. Alejandro “Lucky” L√≥pez took the top spot with a 1.18 over the course of Stage 1. He was closely followed by Byron “Nastie” Plumridge’s 1.17 for Orgless. There were multiple great performers in the League, check out the rest of the statistics below:

Hardpoint Statistics

The first game mode to get the spotlight is Hardpoint. Multiple players played phenomenally across the entire Stage. Lucky led the league in KD, topping it with a 1.26 KD with 310 kills. He was the leading force for the RAMS and helped them become a dominant team in the mode. Nastie led Orgless in KD with a 1.18 KD, but the team was the only one to have all 4 players with a positive KD. Marcus “Afro” Reid & Joey “Gismo” Evans were monsters for House Tarth, finishing with 1.18 & 1.17 KDs. Gismo led the League with 2.76 kills per minute, while his duo Afro was 2nd with 2.70 kills per minute. Check out the complete stats below:

Search & Destroy Statistics

Next up is Search & Destroy. The clear standout performer was Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez of TrainHard. HyDra looked great in SnD, leading the League in KD (1.53) & kills per round (0.99). It was the mode where we got a glimpse of his high potential. Singularity had a strong trio of Luke “Bidz” Biddle, Bjarne “Denza” Sleebus, Jack “Maple” McCartney the posted a 1.19 or higher. Orgless again had all 4 players with a positive KD and we’re dominant across the stage. Check out the complete stats below:

Control Statistics

The final mode we’ll take a look at is Control. Interestingly many players performed very well on the attacking side. Three players (Nastie, Linney, & Lucky) all had a 1.20 KD on the attacking side or better. Two standout performers came from Obtained Esports. Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks and Sam “Chain” Dineley played very well and powered Obtained to multiple Control victories. RAMS were the only team in EU to finish with all 4 fours positive in the mode, led by Lucky with a 1.19. Lucky tied Nastie for the #1 spot with a 1.19 KD in Control. Check out the complete stats below:

Unfortunately, some series are missing from the data. Currently, we only have about 80% of the data for season 1. Hopefully, we will be able to collect 100% of the data in Season 2. Let us know who was the MVP of Stage 1 EU?

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