Duo Dominance: Who Are CDLs Top Duos?

Champs is upon us! Let’s take a look at some of the most long standing and successful duos competing this weekend. Keep an eye out as they each try to add to their Duo Legacy.

1. Simp & aBeZy

Who else could top our list than the Tiny Terrors themselves. Joining hands back in Black Ops 4, they have dominated the competition for over four years. As a duo they’ve made four straight Champs Grand Finals and have undoubtedly cemented themselves as the greatest SMG duo of all time, and perhaps a 3rd ring in Vegas would see them right in the conversation with the likes of T2P, Crimsix, or Karma.

2. Huke & Shotzzy

Another dominant SMG duo in OpTic Texas’ own Shotzzy and Huke. Having split up during the midway point of the Cold War season, they reunited this time under the Green Wall in MW2. This duo is nearly guaranteed a spot on Sunday with their only blemish being the Top 12 placement at the recent Major 5 in Toronto. An imperious duo in the server together, they bounce off each other flawlessly creating a perfect mix of aggression, selflessness and in-game IQ.

3. Octane & Kenny

Next up we have the Day 1 Thieves duo, Kenny and Octane. Having joined up during the Black Ops 4 season successfully picking up two tournament wins as well as a 2nd place at COD Champs, the introduction of franchising forced the pair to split. Both suffered disappointing periods during the MW and CW season before their reunion in Vanguard leading to a tournament win and World Championship victory. The pairing of Human Turret with YY aggressor has not disappointed and it’s no surprise that their reunion has helped create the first team to break the Champs curse.

4. CleanX & Insight

Another AR & SMG pairing, this time the European duo of the Toronto Ultra. First breaking out together on the underdog Singularity roster that made waves at Black Ops 4 Champs, they managed to win their first ever CDL event together at the Stage 2 Major in Cold War. Working towards being some of the all-time EU greats, they’ll be looking to add to their legacies by closing out the Modern Warfare 2 season with a ring.

5. KiSMET & HyDra

They may be the most recent duo on our list but they’ve definitely had their fair share of success in a short period of time. The pair have picked up three victories for the New York Subliners and have won all three MVP awards between them including victories at the first and last majors of the MW2 season. The hyper aggressive and selfless Bulldog has helped to unleash the French Phenom and allow his talents to flourish to even greater heights.

6. Pred & Sib

Last but by no means least we have the Taller Terrors. Coming together on the Seattle Surge at the start of the Vanguard season the Aussie and American quickly turned heads at the Kick Off Classic running through the bracket only falling short in the Grand Final. They picked up their only win as a pair in Toronto back in the Vanguard season but continue to be a threat against any team. With both players reportedly out of contract after Champs we could be seeing the end to one of the most exciting pairings of the past two seasons.

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