DraftBuff Fantasy, 2020 Results, & Top 10 players going into 2021

With the Call of Duty League set to start again on February 11th, now is the time to start your Draftbuff fantasy leagues. Draftbuff is leading the way in both Fantasy Leagues and Draft Royales. But how do you play and who are the great players? We’ll break it down, show you who stood out in 2020, and who you should target in 2021.

Fantasy Leagues & Draft Royales

There are two ways to currently play on Draftbuff, whether it is Fantasy Leagues or Draft Royales. Fantasy Leagues are your traditional formats, where 4-8 teams draft players for their teams in a snake format. Teams take turns picking CDL players to have on their roster for the season. Once a player is taken, let’s say, Envoy, no other teams can draft that player. During the season it is up to the owners to pick up free agents, trade with other teams, and set your lineups to maximize points week to week. It is a fun & easy way to get into both Fantasy and the CDL.

Draft Royales on the other hand are a bit different. There can be any amount of teams in a Draft Royale league, anywhere from 2 teams to 10,000. How it works is teams have a budget of $360 to pick players from the CDL player pool. Each player has a price, for example, Simp is $83, and Slacked is $38. Teams have to effectively build out their rosters using the funds they have and they can pick any players they please as long as they have the budget. It’s a great way to stay engaged throughout the season and learn players’ values.

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The scoring system for both Draft Royales and Fantasy Leagues is very simple and values kills highly. Here is how it breaks down:

The scoring favors slaying more than objective work and Hardpoint is the key mode to look at. Out of the top 10 fantasy players from last season, six of them scored higher in Hardpoint than the other two modes. Expect that to be the same case this season as you prepare for your leagues. The Control mode will be the wildcard mode to watch. With high slaying likely for teams that go 4 or 5 rounds in a map, it’ll be a great mode to watch players score 30-40 points a map.

Best players from 2020

The 2020 season was a blast to play fantasy with, as we saw many new players join the CDL. Three of the top ten players of 2020 weren’t on a starting roster to begin the season. Expect similar results this season as there are many talented prospects working their way up the Challenger scene. Here are the top 30 players in Draftbuff scoring from last season:

You’ll notice that in every mode players earn more for their slaying than their objective work. Players like Owakening and Octane that are known for their slaying put up very high marks in Hardpoint. While SnD & Hardpoint are the two most important modes, Control will be the mode that solidifies the best players. The difference between GodRx finishing 3rd or 7th last season was Domination. He performed poorly compared to the top 16 players, and that is what made him fall to 7th even though he had great HP & SnD numbers.

Top 10 Players to watch Stage 1

Based on last season, early scrim results, and the pre-season event, we can give 10 strong players that should impress in Stage 1.

1. Joseph “Owakening” Conley

Owakening was the #1 player in scoring for DraftBuff last season. He came in to the Florida starting roster mid-way through the year, and impressed quickly. This season he should be a slaying powerhouse for the Mutineers. Expect him to put up great numbers in all three modes.

2. Chris “Simp” Lehr

After two stunning seasons in 5v5, Simp will be playing his first professional season in 4v4. We expect him to thrive in this format. His map awareness is one of the best, and that will only make the game easier for him. He will continue to be in the top 5 for scoring in all 5 modes and should be one of the top 2 picks in any draft.

3. Dylan “Envoy” Hannon

It’s hard to not put Envoy in the top 3 after his 2020 campaign. He is a star in SnD, making plays effortlessly across the map. This has shifted seamlessly to Control as well. His sneaky playstyle works perfectly in the mode and should help Chicago be a powerhouse. Watch for Envoy to be a point leader in both these modes.

4. Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro

The MVP & Rookie of the Year of the 2020 season is looking to make another splash in this Sophomore campaign. He is on another loaded roster for the Empire, that sees 4 players return from the Modern Warfare season. He will be one of the best on the AK74u and will be a lock to be one of the highest-scoring SMGs in the league.

5. Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris

aBeZy is one of the best, if not the best, entry SMG player in the CDL. His pace is one of the fastest in the league, and he makes it look easy on the SMG. He was fantastic last season in SND, leading the CDL in opening duels won by a mile. Expect him to be a top scorer in all three modes this season.

6. Brandon “Dashy” Otell

Dashy will be a strong candidate for Most Improved Player of 2021 after a dismal Modern Warfare season. He’ll be back in the flex role on a Chicago team that will certainly be very strong all season. Expect him to be the star in respawns, will putting in work in SnD. A bold prediction is that Dashy will be the #1 player in Hardpoint scoring this season.

7. Cesar “Skyz” Bueno

The Main AR for the Florida Mutineers, Skyz finished 8th last season in scoring on DraftBuff. He is a killing machine on the backline, helping the Mutineers win three homestands in 2020. The 2021 roster looks to be just as scary and will certainly be a great respawn & SnD team yet again. Look for Skyz to be a top 5 respawn player in 2021.

8. Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal

iLLeY is in a prime position to be a breakout star during the Cold War season. He was in more of a support role during 2020, finishing in 25th for scoring last year (Huke was right ahead at 22nd). This season should be a lot different, as he is in the flex role with the very strong XM4 currently. This should put him in the position to be a high scorer in Hardpoint with his slaying. He is already a fantastic SnD player, as we saw with his 1v3 during the pre-season, so expect that to be high-scoring yet again.

9. Sam “Octane” Larew

It is very hard to put Octane this low after finishing 2nd in scoring during the Modern Warfare season. He is one of the best slayers in the World, but his team is an issue yet again. Last year Octane was still able to shine individually even though his team performances were very poor. This year has started out very similar. If the team struggles, it will be much harder to put up great numbers individually in 4v4. If the team improves, expect Octane to jump up these rankings.

10. McArthur “Cellium” Jovel

This was the hardest position to rank. There are many players that could be here including Scump, FormaL, Huke, Attach, Kenny, and so many more. But Cellium has to get the nod. He is currently the XM4 flex for the Atlanta FaZe, and even though his team is stacked with slayers he should still be able to shine through. SnD will be a key mode for Cell, as he was weak in scoring during 2020. If he can improve in the mode, he will certainly be a top 10 player all season.

After each week we will update rankings, do recaps of the past weeks’ results, and predict who will be standout performers in the coming weeks. Check back at Breaking Point for all things fantasy, as it will be a major point we will work on this year.

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Good luck and enjoy the 2021 CDL Season!

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