Divisions & Ranks in MW2’s Ranked Play

The Season 2 updated for Modern Warfare 2 in finally here, and with that a true competitive playlist arrives to Infinity Ward’s latest entry in the Call of Duty Franchise. Many hardcore fans have been waiting for this day to arrive, and today is that day. With how big the competitive scene has grown, recently cracking 300,000+ viewers, there will be many newcomers as well. For those waiting to climb up the ranked play ladder, here are the eight divisions in MW2’s Ranked Play and how the ranked system works.

The Divisions

Its not just the new mode coming to Modern Warfare 2, there are plenty of new divisions also coming. Which division you are depends on your Skill Rankings. As players progress, they will see their skill ranking decline or increase depending on team results and personal performance. Here are the eight divisions and their skill rankings:

Bronze: 0-899
Silver: 900-2,099
Gold: 2,100-3,599
Platinum: 3,600-5,399
Diamond: 5,400-7,499
Crimson: 7,500-9,999
Iridescent: 10,000+
Top 250: The 250 highest ranked accounts

Each division is broken into three division tiers, besides Iridescent. That means each of the first six divisions have Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III that players will have to climb through. Climb through all three tiers and you will advance into the next division.

All players will start this season with 0 SR, meaning all will start in the Bronze division. From there, players will climb their way up the ladder.

At the end of each season there will be an End of Season Skill Setback. This will see players drop one division from your ending Skill Division, but this again does not include Iridescent players. For example, if a player ends the season in Crimson division they will begin the next season in the Diamond division.

The Top 250 Leaderboard

The Top 250 Leaderboard returns in Modern Warfare 2, with a new look and many upgrades. The leaderboard with show the top 250 ranked play players in the World and it will show in-game that all players will be able to view within the Ranked Play lobby.

The new additions to the leaderboard showcase the Call of Duty League and their players. The Top 250 leaderboard will showcase CDL affiliations and picture profiles for current CDL Professional players and coaches that make it onto the ladder. In the picture above, Zach “Drazah” Jordan is being showcased while multiple other professional players can be seen on the ladder. At the end of the season players will be rewarded with a unique calling card and emblem for making it onto the Top 250 leaderboard.

The Ranks

Ranks are an additional feature in Ranked Play. This may confuse players with the divisions, but ranks are a separate feature. It is separate from the player’s Skill Ranking, and is not influenced even advancing up the ladder.

This feature rewards players for winning matches, which players can do in any of the eight divisions. Each win earns a player 1 star. With 3 stars, the player advances into the next rank. Meaning for a player to advance from Rank 1 to Rank 2, they will have to win 3 matches.

All players start at Rank 1 and can progress all the way to Rank 50. After every 5 ranks, players will be rewarded with in-game items like ‘Turn It Up’ Emblems, ‘Ranked Win Tracker’ Gun Screen that displays the player’s lifetime Ranked Play win total, Pro Issue Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint, and much more.

The Rewards

Each season of ranked will have countless rewards for players to unlock on their journey. Overall there are 16 rewards to unlock plus in the first season of Ranked plus an additional reward for the division players end in.

For Ranks, the rewards include:

Rank 5 – Ranked Competitor Skin for use with both CDL Male & Female Operators on both Factions.
Rank 10 – ‘Press F’ Emblem
Rank 15 – Pro Issue X12 Weapon Blueprint
Rank 20 – ‘Ace’ Weapon Charm
Rank 25 – ‘Turn It Up’ Emblem
Rank 30 – ‘Ranked Win Tracker’ Gun Screen that displays the player’s lifetime Ranked Play win total.
Rank 35 – ‘I’m Cracked’ Large Weapon Decal
Rank 40 – Pro Issue Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint
Rank 45 – ‘Sweep’ Weapon Charm
Rank 50 – Ranked Veteran Emblem & Skin for use with both CDL Male & Female Operators on both Factions

Here are the rewards for map wins:

5 total wins – ‘Season 2 Competitor’ Weapon Sticker
10 total wins – Pro Issue Vaznev-9k Weapon Blueprint
25 total wins – ‘MVP’ Weapon Charm
50 total wins – ‘The Factor’ Large Weapon Decal
75 total wins – ‘Ranked Play Season 2’ Loading Screen
100 total wins – ‘Season 2 Ranked Veteran’ Weapon Camo

Rewards for each division, players earn the reward for the division they end the season in:

Bronze division – Emblem
Silver division – Emblem
Gold division – ‘Season 2 Gold’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
Platinum division – ‘Season 2 Platinum’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
Diamond division – ‘Season 2 Diamond’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
Crimson division – ‘Season 2 Crimson’ Weapon Charm and Emblem
Iridescent division – ‘Season 2 Iridescent’ Weapon Charm, Emblem, and Calling Card
Top 250 Player – ‘Season 2 Top 250’ Weapon Charm, Emblem, and Calling Card

For all Ranked play players, good luck and have fun!

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