Coaches Poll: Map Set Ranking

The CDL is finally almost back after the winter break! The League wrapped Major 1 in Raleigh 3 weeks ago, and in that time the game received a major spawn update. This update has changed the spawn logic sustainably and required teams to relearn a lot and change micro plays on the map.

With that being said, we reached out to CDL coaches to gauge where they rank each of the maps in the map pool. We asked each coach to rank the maps 1 through 5 in each of the three game modes, and then give us their best and worst maps in Modern Warfare 2.

After collecting the rankings from 9 franchises, each team would be given points for each vote, as seen below:

1st – 5 points
2nd – 4 points
3rd – 3 points
4th – 2 points
5th – 1 point


Hardpoint is one of the hardest to rank due to the maps being very different from each other. Hotel was clear cut the most liked map in the rotation, ending with 35 points received.

The next three maps were all very close to each other, with Mercado leading the way. These three maps all had votes for 2nd best map and the worst map in the rotation. Mercado is one of the only Call of Duty maps with seven hills in the rotation, with multiple being very similar. Embassy is the fastest maps in terms of pace, but multiple hills can be mixy and spawns have had issues in the past. The final map Fortress, is very rotational heavy and slower paced.

These maps still outranked the last place map Hydroelectric. This is the infamous map with multiple water routes and could use some stability with spawns. Even with all its issues, it still has promise and has lead to some great maps in match play. Here were the full rankings below:

#1: Hotel

Total Points Received – 40

#2: Mercado

Total Points Received – 27

#3: Embassy

Total Points Received – 27

#4: Fortress

Total Points Received – 25

#5: Hydro

Total Points Received – 16

Search & Destroy

The Search & Destroy map pool is more distributed compared to Hardpoint. The two maps that led the way were El Asilo and Hotel. The maps are separated by just 1 point. Both are very different from each other, but have many similar traits. On both, you can have attacking rounds that are SMG focused, or take early engagements with your ARs. Its common to see snipers hit flashy plays and see many clutches in matches. They are clearly the best two maps in the pool.

The next two maps are Embassy and Mercado. They are both solid but have limitations. There is a clear favorite site in both, limiting where the action is in the majority of rounds. In matches, both have had very good maps played and are entertaining to watch/

The final map is Fortress. This one is interesting, as the spawns are in the strangest places when there are two clear spawn points on the left and right sides of the map. This leads to only one bombsite being used in the majority of rounds and just lackluster gameplay. If a good map is put in as DLC, Fortress SnD will be a strong contender to be replaced.

#1: El Asilo

Total Points Received – 39

#2: Hotel

Total Points Received – 37

#3: Embassy

Total Points Received – 25

#4: Mercado

Total Points Received – 20

#5: Fortress

Total Points Received – 14


The swing game mode has a very similar map pool compared to last season. Slow, defensive heavy map? Last year we had Gavutu, this year Fortress. Map with very mixy moments that can play well? Last year we had Berlin, this year El Asilo. Finally, each year had one map that plays very well that gives the attacking side a good chance to win the round. Hotel Control has been the most played map so far in the young season, and Coaches voted it best in the map pool.

#1: Hotel

Total Points Received – 42

#2: El Asilo

Total Points Received – 36

#3: Fortress

Total Points Received – 29

Best map in Modern Warfare 2

The clear cut best map in Modern Warfare 2 that was voted by CDL coaches is Hotel. This map was ranked best map in both respawn map pools, while taking the 2nd best spot in SnD. The map will be a pillar of the map pool for the rest of the season.

#1: Hotel (7 votes)
#2: Mercado (1 vote)
#3: El Asilo (1 vote)

Worst map in Modern Warfare 2

The worst map in Modern Warfare 2 according to CDL coaches is Hydroelectric. This map is only used in Hardpoint, where it was voted worst in the map pool. This map will have a short lifespan in MW2 if a good DLC map is implemented into the game.

#1: Hydro (5 votes)
#2: Fortress (2 vote)
#3: El Asilo (1 vote)
#4: Embassy (1 vote)

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