Challengers Finals – Pool C Preview

Team Notorious – Weeman, Maple, MettalZ, EriKBooM

This hybrid of British and Spanish players has been one of the most successful teams over the whole season picking up numerous wins including their LAN victory in Texas. After a disappointing showing in Toronto they’ll be looking to bounce back and close out their year with a second LAN dub.

Player to Watch – EriKBooM

Maybe not the most impressive slayer on the team, the young Spaniard is the X factor for the success of this roster. EriK is never afraid to fly in first whilst also averaging one of the highest hill times in the entirety of challengers. With rumors circulating about an all Spanish “Miami Heretics” roster, he will be looking to shine on the big stage.

Millenium 7 – MohaK, Spart, Prolute, Neptune

Despite back to back NA Elite stage victories, M7 fell out of Toronto with a disappointing Top 12 placement despite going in as one of the favorites. With a core of former CDL Players surrounding the back to back Challengers Finals winner MohaK, all four of these players will be aiming for nothing short of a victory.

Player to Watch – Neptune

Neptune might just be the Challengers reaper. For the second year in a row after finding himself out of a CDL spot, he has dropped down into the pit and absolutely dominated. No player in NA Challengers to have played more than a single elite stage boasts a better KD ratio than the former Halo star and he was a key reason for his teams back to back victories during Stage 3 and 4.

Atlas Lions – Sukry, RenKoR, SupeR, YaKo

An all Spanish roster that mixes veteran fundamentals with two dominant slaying talents, the Atlas Lions have had an up and down MW2 season. Atlas Lions are an extremely dangerous prospect in SnD and with SupeR and RenKoR providing the fire power, they are definitely capable of stealing respawns. They have come so close on numerous occasions to securing a victory but have also had their fair share of inconsistencies especially at LAN events.

Player to Watch – SupeR

This Spanish SMG player boasts one of the highest KD ratios in the entirety of Challengers, but his main weapon comes out during SnD. He has gained a dangerous reputation as one of the best snipers in the entirety of challengers capable of taking over most maps with the boom stick completely limiting the opposing teams options.

Orgless – Crimzah, Durdev, Zepa, Restalling

This APAC team has been the only one to contest the ever dominant Mindfreak during the MW2 season, picking up three Cup wins as well as winning the Major 1 qualifier. They are a strong SnD roster who are capable enough to steal respawns away from the stronger teams, if they do this in Vegas they could cause some waves.

Player to Watch – Crimzah

Crimzah broke out during the Modern Warfare season as one of the new stars of APAC alongside Pred. He has continued to produce strong results in the seasons to follow and has performed well individually but has never been able to push himself into a CDL teams eye like Pred did. Perhaps this could be the event for him to finally show his best stuff in front of watching eyes.

Group Predictions – Team Notorious & Millenium 7

Atlas Lions have been a roster throughout their iteration who have always seemed to just fall short at the final hurdle, they could definitely pull off an upset victory against either of the top two teams, but in the end I expect them to just miss out. Orgless haven’t had LAN experience since Raleigh where they did pull off a shock Game 5 upset against Aw0babobs, they definitely have potential but every team in this pool is competent at SnD and I expect the top teams to beat them in respawns.

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