Challengers Finals – Pool B Preview

RØKKR Academy – Diamondcon, Pandur, ReeaL, 2ReaL

This NA academy roster found early success during the season but has struggled since the promotion of Fame to the main roster. Bringing in 2ReaL shortly before Champs, this team will be short on practice time. Despite that, everybody on this roster has played in a LAN Final this season, they all know how to turn up for the big occasion.

Player to Watch – ReeaL

This Spanish SMG player has been a highlight name to look out for with the likes of Shotzzy giving him some premium gas. With him unable to attend Toronto the team bombed out in a disappointing Top 24 demonstrating his importance to the success of this roster.

OMiT – GodRx, Purj, Gwinn, Yeez

A team mixing NA veterans along with fresh faces, OMiT have been one of the most consistent teams across the whole of the season, always placing well but struggling to go the distance. Bringing in the experience and slaying prowess of GodRx coupled with highly touted Seattle Surge substitute Gwinn should make them a formidable roster in all game modes.

Player to Watch – Gwinn

Having received a lot of calls to be moved up to the main Surge squad, Gwinn has proved to be extremely versatile running both the Vaznev and the TAQ to high levels at different points in the season. He will be looking to prove that Seattle made a mistake in not promoting him and throw his name into the hat of their 2024 plans.

Orbit – GRVTY, Gio, Jimbo, Classic

The NA LCQ Winners come into Champs with momentum and a strong story. Missing out on a guaranteed champs spot due to last minute roster changes, they dominated the LCQ and rightfully secured their spot at champs. A roster filled with veteran names looking to earn one more opportunity in the CDL, they’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose in this difficult group.

Player to Watch – Gio

The one lesser known name on this roster is definitely the one to watch. Gio is an aggressive Flex player who’s especially dangerous in both respawn game modes. When he’s on form, there are very few AR players in Challengers who can impact the game quite like he can.

D1 Gaming – Legendah, Caos, Traixx, Jano

The top team from Latin America picked up a respectable Top 12 placing in the Raleigh Challengers Open being eliminated by the French powerhouses of Aw0babobs. Unable to attend any LAN events post Raleigh due to being unable to find funding, they have continued to be the top dogs of the LATAM region. This tournament will be telling of how this squad fairs against the best of the best.

Player to Watch – Traixx

Traixx has gained a reputation as the top prospect from the LATAM region. His only time against the best competition in Raleigh we saw him put up a 1.2 KD ratio in the qualifiers for pool play. The 19 year old Argentine will be looking to channel some Messi vibes to help put his team on top of the world.

Group Predictions – OMIT & Orbit

Potentially a bold prediction that the #2 seed for the whole tournament will not make it out of pools. Since losing Fame, all iterations of this team have failed to meet expectation and with limited practice time, there is a high chance for failure. I’ve also got to go with my heart and the potential storyline of GodRx eliminating his former team (who dropped him) from Champs.

Author: LordJosh

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