Challengers Champs Power Rankings

Less than a week until the Call of Duty: Vanguard season is over, and only two tournaments remain this weekend which will be played simultaneously during Champion Weekend in Los Angeles.

Coverage for Challengers is expected to start on Friday the fifth of August on the Challengers YouTube channel, an official schedule and bracket is yet to be released, but round one match up’s are set to be: Ultra Academy NA vs. Point Blank, Iron Blood Gaming vs. AYM Esports, Team WaR vs. D1 Gaming, and Team Xposed vs. Ultra Academy EU.

Together with notable Challenger personalities, BreakingPoint has put together a Power Ranking featuring all eight teams playing this weekend, with, as expected, Toronto Academy North America as the number one team to watch out for, with Ultra’s second academy team from Europe coming in as the number two team.

Further down the list, we have Europe’s first-seeded team Team WaR which features London Royal Ravens substitute player Harry, and in fourth is Team Xposed which has three-time world champion Clayster on the roster, as well his 2019 world champion duo Prestinni.

Down the bottom is Latin America’s D1 Gaming who received the least amount of love, barely landing in the last spot over Asia/Pacific’s Point Blank who surprised us by taking down Shockz, Fighta, Louqa, and Restalling in APAC’s Last Chance Qualifier.

The prize pool, full power rankings, and rosters can be found below.

Prize pool:

  • First: $100,000
  • Second: $60,000
  • Third: $40,000
  • Fourth: $20,000
  • Fifth-sixth: $10,000
  • Seventh-eighth: $5,000

1) Toronto Academy North America

Roster: Scrappy, Hicksy, Vikul, and Assault.

The clear favorites for Challengers Champs are, of course, Toronto Academy North America.

With placements of first, second, and first in the three Challenger Open events, it is clear to understand why they rank first in our power rankings. The team made the shocking decision to replace MohaK with Assault despite winning the North American Stage IV Elite and came into the Boston Open under practiced with their new fourth, but despite this, they still managed to come away with a victory, without losing a series.

The team, led by star player Scrappy, will be looking to close out a near flawless season with a victory this weekend, and state their claims for all four players to be worthy of a starting spot in the league next season.

2) Toronto Academy Europe

Roster: Vortex, Weeman, Beans, and Furious.

While not quite hitting the same levels as their North American counterparts, Toronto Academy Europe have impressed in their own right throughout the Call of Duty: Vanguard season.

Forced to shuffle their fourth due to roster issues within the London Royal Ravens camp, Toronto EU’s roster finally settled with a squad of veteran Challenger players after Weeman joined the team as their main assault rifle player. Having placed top-three in two of the three Challenger Open events, they will be looking to finally get over that hump and seize the LAN victory that has alluded them in their previous three attempts this season.

Powered by their destructive flex player Beans and the Scottish Search and Destroy superstar in Furious, Toronto EU are a threat in every game mode and cannot be overlooked to take it all.

3) Team WaR

Roster: Harry, Denza, WarDy, and Maple.

The number one seed out of Europe is Team WaR, a consistent solid roster all around with an experienced assault rifle duo, and a super impactful and aggressive sub-machine gun duo.

After bringing in London Royal Raven substitute player Harry to replace the departing Weeman, they managed a second-place finish in the European Stage IV Elite and a respectable top-six placement in Boston where they fell in a game five, round 11, one vs. one to be eliminated. Their star sub-machine gun player WarDy will be key if they want to take home the Challengers trophy and $100,000.

WarDy’s been a dominant presence throughout the Vanguard season, with an insane 1.18 kill/death ratio as a submachine gun player, along with the third highest slayer rating in the region.

4) Team Xposed

Roster: Clayster, Prestinni, FeLo, and Venom.

The old WW2 eUnited trio of Clayster, Prestinni, and FeLo reunited for the North American Last Chance Qualifier and were joined by Former Los Angeles Thieves player Venom.

At the LCQ, they successfully took down Electrify Steel, who were coming off the back of a second-place finish at the Boston Open in the grand finals to secure their trip to Challengers Champs. Venom was hitting insane levels throughout the qualifier, leading his team with a 1.18 kill/death ratio, and a 98.39 slayer rating. A roster with experience, talent, and a lot of clutch factors — they have all the pieces to contend for the victory in Los Angeles.

5) Iron Blood Gaming

Roster: Classic, Brack, MohaK, and Exceed

Iron Blood are the last-minute team that formed to secure the final automatic qualification spot for Champs. A veteran team consisting of Brack, MohaK, Classic, and Exceed — all four players have achieved success this season on their own, but it will be interesting to see how this new look team will fair.

Both MohaK and Brack won Challenger Open tournaments in Minnesota and Toronto respectively, and Classic is an obvious veteran in the professional scene having won multiple Major events throughout CWL and CDL.

This team will be seen as the Champs wild card with no experience together as a team in a competitive environment, but have a high level of talent and expertise.

6) AYM Esports

Roster: EriKBooM, SupeR, JurNii, and YaKo.

The Spanish did indeed dominate the European Last Chance Qualifier, but it probably wasn’t the team a lot of people expected.

Representing the brand of professional football player Aymeric Laporte, JurNii and the boys cruised through their opposition in the qualifier, emerging victorious without even dropping a single map all tournament.

It had been building for AYM Esports going into the qualifier, after struggling heavily at the first two opens of the season, they showed some promise in Boston picking up a top-eight placement, and rode that wave into the LCQ.

Led by their dominant main assault rifle player SupeR, who leads the entirety of Challengers in kill/death ratio with a ridiculous 1.27 overall, while also having the number two overall slayer rating at 91.21 during the four European Challenger Elite Stages. Also being a strong Search and Destroy team throughout the whole season, AYM definitely believes they can come in firing and shock everyone this weekend.

7) Point Blank

Roster: Cronus, Jazhn, Durdev, and Lymax.

Point Blank were the upset story of the Last Chance Qualifier, taking down the most legendary names of the Asia-Pacific scene in Fighta, Shockz, as well as Louqa in the grand final in order to book their ticket to Los Angeles. They had been a consistent presence in the Asia-Pacific scene throughout the whole year, only dropping out of the top three twice, but had struggled to pick up any victories.

Their player to watch out for is Lymax who put up an insane 1.23 kill/death ratio during the qualifier, with a massive 101.77 slayer rating. Lymax also led his team in every single game mode.

Pred has proven to everyone the region clearly houses talent, but will any of these Australians showcase it in Los Angeles? We’ll have to wait and see.

8) D1 Gaming

Roster: Traix, ZooNer, Aaron, and Couti.

The Latin/American Last Change Qualifier winners in D1 Gaming have shown a lot of promise in the Vanguard season.

The core of the team in Traixx and Aaron both moved over to North America and played alongside Thresh and Ruper, where they successfully made the North American Stage IV Elite and picked up a solid top-12 placement at the Boston Open.

Having been forced to split by region lock rules, they returned to Latin America and cruised through the qualifier alongside Zooner and Couti.

Coming in as a serious underdog, they will be looking to cause some upsets and show the strength of the newest region in Challengers.

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