CDL Rookie of the Year Watch 2022: Pre-Stage IV

Welcome back to our first edition of Rookie of the Year (ROTY) Watch for the 2022 CDL season. Through five months of play, two CDL rookies are head and shoulders above their peers. We cover eight rookies below, and some of their career highlights. Two rooks have solidified themselves as consensus top ten players in the League, and arguably top five players. One, two… any guesses? Take a look below.

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1. Pred

Pred leads Breaking Point’s Rookie of the Year Watch. The first ever APAC (Australia, Asia, Pacific region) player to win a Major Call of Duty event. Event MVP. Alongside his teammate Sib, the Surge rookies are the first rookies to win an event this season.

He debuts as one of the most dangerous and aggressive SMG players in the league. Pred currently sits at a 1.06 overall KD on the season, but scores in the top 5 in almost. every. single. statistical. category. Across all three game modes. Just let that sink in.

Pred Statistical Highlights:

1.06 overall KD (#2 rookie, #3 SMG, #11 overall)
26.3 Hardpoint kills per 10 minutes (#2 overall)
3,085 Hardpoint damage per 10 minutes (#3 SMG, #8 overall)
0.78 Search & Destroy kills per round (#6 overall)
16.6% Search & Destroy first blood % (#5 overall)
20.5 Control kills per 10 minutes (#3 overall)

Moreover, both Sib and Pred should seriously be in the MVP conversation. Let alone the ROTY conversation. As an SMG, only Shotzzy (1.09) and HyDra (1.08) have notched higher KD’s than Pred (1.06), through three Majors.

In every game mode, the rook is flying in first and setting the pace for Seattle Surge. And then we get to the achievements: Major III MVP with a 1.24 in the finals against the Tiny Terrors. Pred leads the ROTY race but will face competition from his teammate and potentially others with two events to go.

To sum it up, we pulled a YouTube comment that perfectly describes the young Aussie: “Pred plays more like aBeZy than aBeZy plays like aBeZy.” Facts.

2. Sib

Really, this is a two horse race. Sib and Pred. Pred and Sib. 1A and 1B. Coming in as the runner-up is the Seattle Surge‘s star flex player, Sib. Call of Duty looks more fun when you watch it from Sib’s POV. He passes the eye test with flying colors. Smooth movement, S-Tier gun skill, and flashy turn-ons. Absolute beamer. As they say: #DMDL (don’t miss, don’t lose). The eyeball test also tells us that Sib may be the #1 most impactful player in the Call of Duty League. Not only is Sib prodigiously skilled, but he is incredibly impactful around the map. Let’s dive in further:

Sib Statistical Highlights:

1.08 overall KD (#1 rookie, #7 AR, #9 overall)
26.3 Hardpoint kills per 10 minutes (#4 overall)
3,182 Hardpoint damage per 10 minutes (#2 AR, #2 overall)
15.4% Search & Destroy first blood % (#7 overall)
20.5 Control kills per 10 minutes (#4 overall)
2,657 Control damage per 10 minutes (#1 overall)

Out of all the rookies, Sib leads the way in overall KD, coming in with a 1.08. But, like his teammate, that isn’t Sib’s most important feature. More so than KD leading AR’s Dashy (1.22) and Cellium (1.21), Sib is an insanely potent damage dealer.

He leads the league in Control DPM (damage per minute) and sits second to only Temp in Hardpoint DPM. Sib is one of the most aggressive and impactful flex players in the league, setting a pace that you won’t see many other AR’s match. Sib’s pacing is absolutely instrumental for Surge. On this team, Accuracy leads the entire CDL in hill time (87.7 seconds per 10 minutes). Sib’s aggression allows Surge to play like this by design. Need we say more?

After his success at Major III, Sib will only be looking to go from strength to strength in his quest for ROTY and a possible ring. As we said above, it’s not just Rookie of the Year. Both Pred and Sib should receive serious consideration for the MVP award. Bravo 👏.

>> The Rest of the Rookie Pack

3. Capsidal

Capsidal has been one of the biggest positive surprises of the Vanguard season. Coming off the Cold War season, not many people knew about “Big Cap”. After showing some early success in SnD tournaments and in Challengers, he found his way onto the brand new Boston Breach team.

The 19-year-old has shown, at times, incredible promise in his rookie season. As expected from an SnD kid, Big Cap is an Search & Destroy maestro. 3rd in SnD KD (1.16) and 2nd in SnD kills per round (0.81) on the season. He also currently holds the Vanguard season single map kill record, with 54 kills on Bocage, against Surge, in Stage II. Breach and Big Cap had a lackluster Stage III with a 1-5 overall record. He will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing stage, from a team and an individual standpoint.

4. Nero

Coming off of a stint on the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy in the Cold War season, Nero was able to secure a CDL starting spot with the Boston Breach. Nero is an aggressive entry player in the CleanX and Vivid mold. Despite Nero’s KD ratio (0.92), he is comfortably in the top half of the league in a slew of non-KD statistical categories. Hardpoint damage per 10 minutes, Hardpoint kills per 10 minutes, Hardpoint hill time, SnD first blood %, among others. Like his teammate Capsidal, Nero can struggle to find consistency. For players of his pace, this is a common issue.

Control is the area where the young SMG must improve the most. A glaring weakness: Nero has a bottom-3 Control KD (0.86) in the League. If Nero can improve his Control game and work on his consistency (play your life!), he can move up the rookie ladder. Breach will be leaning on its pair of young SMG’s to set the pace and work towards securing a Champs spot.

5. Nastie

Nastie was very highly touted coming into the season. So far, he’s been solid on the London Royal Ravens, but unremarkable (outside of some highlight moments on Gavutu). Looking at stats, it’s very difficult to analyze Nastie’s season.

He is currently 3rd in the CDL in Hardpoint hill time (83.7 seconds per 10 minutes). It does beg the question: is it optimal to have your dynamic rookie SMG sitting in the hill? This may best illustrate the type of player he is, a gap filler willing to do whatever is necessary to help the team out. He switched to the flex role briefly, in an attempt to help fix team’s pacing with new addition Harry. Nastie must return to form if the London Royal Ravens are to get back to their early season success.

6. Davpadie

Coming in 6th is Davpadie. Dave found his way onto the Florida Mutineers during the off-season. To accommodate Dave, the team instituted a role swap. Davpadie took over as main AR, Skyz slid over to flex, and Wake played the 2nd sub / flex.

Dave is your prototypical slow, iron boots, dependable AR player. He impressed the most in Control, earning a 1.11 Control KD. Despite a T4 finish at Major II and a T6 finish in Major III, Davpadie found himself as Aches’ public enemy #1. Last week, Florida benched Dave and began trialing other players. Mutineers are currently in 10th place, and have ground to make up if they want to qualify for Champs. With pressure looming overhead, Dave may be out for the rest of the season.

7. Jimbo

Jimbo has struggled to find his identity since he got picked up by the Paris Legion to replace FeLo. To start, he’s a fast SMG. And fast SMG players’ stats tend to suffer the most on losing teams. Paris have only managed two (2) wins throughout the regular season.

We can’t put much of this blame on Jimbo or his teammate GRVTY. Paris Legion has struggled for years. At the same time, we can’t give them much credit either. Jimbo has struggled online. He has the lowest online KD in the League (0.77 KD). The silver lining is that Jimbo has actually performed much better in a LAN environment (1.03 KD). This averages out to a 0.81 KD, good for basically the lowest KD in the League. Paris may be out of the hunt for champs, but Jimbo will be looking to impress and retain his CDL spot going into MW2.


After years of being stuck in the Challengers pit, GRVTY finally managed to get himself a spot on a CDL team. Sadly, it hasn’t worked out. Despite winning his first CDL series to knock Surge out of Major I, the team has only managed to win one more series. Tom has put up a respectable 1.02 KD during his time on the roster, but the team is a struggle bus. GRVTY and Paris Legion are effectively out of the Champs hunt. Main AR is the most competitive position in CDL. In his first pro season, GRVTY will be playing for his own pride and the future of his career.

CDL rookies not evaluated due to low sample size and/or gaps in play: Gismo, Harry, Prolute.

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