CDL Coaches Poll: Stage 1

Welcome back to the CDL Coaches Poll brought to you by Breaking Point. We have again reached out to all 12 CDL coaching staffs around the league to get their thoughts on the current team Power Rankings. We will continue to conduct these polls before and after each major tournament this season.

Each coach ranks the opposing teams 1st through 11th, without putting their own team into the rankings. After collecting the rankings from all 12 franchises, each team would be given points for each vote, as seen below:

1st place vote – 11 points

2nd place vote – 10 points

3rd place vote – 9 points

4th place vote – 8 points

5th place vote – 7 points

6th place vote – 6 points

7th place vote – 5 points

8th place vote – 4 points

9th place vote – 3 points

10th place vote – 2 points

11th place vote – 1 point

Disclaimer: I did not vote in the Poll for Atlanta, as I was the one to conduct the poll. RJ completed the poll for Atlanta to avoid any conflict. The data was checked to ensure it was not compromised.

Goodbye Kickoff, Hello Stage 1

The Kickoff Classic brought us our first taste of competitive play under the Call of Duty Vanguard title, and to the surprise of many, it was a great weekend of Call of Duty.

With many shock upsets, including Seattle Surge taking down the reigning Champions Atlanta FaZe to Dylan “Envoy” Hannon & the LA Thieves getting revenge versus OpTic Texas. In the end, the Toronto Ultra ended up taking home the Championship after defeating the Seattle Surge 3-1 in the Finals. While Toronto was more unknown going into the tournament, they showed the League that they will continue to be Championship contenders in Vanguard.

But now that it is all over, the official CoD League season will begin. With that comes more questions about how teams will try to improve after their first impressions at the Kickoff Classic. Will teams find a great deal of improvement in the past two weeks of scrims or will some teams continue to struggle in the qualifying matches? Here is how the CDL coaches see the current power rankings:

The CDL Coaches Power Ranking (January 2022)

1st: Toronto Ultra

Total Points Received – 116
Previous Ranking – 3rd (2)

Toronto started the season off strong, winning the Kickoff Classic with a 9-4 map count. With signature wins over the Seattle Surge & LA Thieves, the Ultra look primed to have a stellar Stage 1. Watch for early MVP candidates Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson and Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan continue to power Toronto to victories.

2nd: Atlanta FaZe

Total Points Received – 113
Previous Ranking – 1st (1)

Atlanta fell to the second-place Seattle Surge in their opening matchup at the Kickoff Classic. This is familiar territory for the FaZe, as they fell to the Florida Mutineers in last season’s Kickoff matches before going undefeated in Stage 1. While McArthur “Cellium” Jovel continued to flash brilliance, the squad will need the Tiny Terrors to find their form going into the qualifying matches.

3rd: Seattle Surge

Total Points Received – 101
Previous Ranking – 4th (1)

Many fans were surprised to see the Seattle Surge ranked 4th in our inaugural poll before the Kickoff Classic, and the Surge did not disappoint. They took down the London Royal Ravens, Atlanta FaZe, and New York Subliners in their run to the Grand Finals, including a 9-0 round count in Control in those matches. If the rookie sensation duo of Amer “Pred” Zulbeari & Daunte “Sib” Gray can continue their hot form, the Surge can take down any team.

4th: OpTic Texas

Total Points Received – 91
Previous Ranking – 2nd (2)

OpTic Texas came into the Kickoff Classic as one of the favorites to take the tournament home. Sadly, they fell to the LA Thieves in their first match and didn’t even have a chance to get going. While some might be quick to overreact, OpTic is loaded with star power and a strong coaching staff. Early woes could quickly turn into success in the qualifying matches if their star players find their chemistry. Watch for Brandon “Dashy” Otel to continue playing in peak form after posting a 1.26 overall KD at the Kickoff.

5th: Los Angeles Thieves

Total Points Received – 78
Previous Ranking – 8th (3)

One of the biggest surprises of the tournament, the LA Thieves looked like a team that could win championships. Everyone knew that this team had enormous potential, but it was a question of how fast this newly built squad would build up chemistry. The answer was quickly, as their AR duo of Sam “Octane” Larew and Kenneth “Kenny” Williams played fantastic together. Add in a strong performance by their SMGs, and the Thieves looked like one of the most all-around complete rosters in the CDL.

6th: New York Subliners 

Total Points Received – 75
Previous Ranking – 6th ()

While there was some interest around whether or not New York had a chance to get enough practice going into the Kickoff Classic, they quickly shut down any concerns. The Subliners took down the Boston Breach & Minnesota Rokkr before falling 1-3 to the Seattle Surge. Ian “Crimsix” Porter looked phenomenal, finishing with a 1.15 KD in SnD with 10 first bloods in 36 rounds played. The duo of Crimsix and James “Clayster” Eubanks certainly look like they’ve found another roster that could challenge for championships.

7th: Boston Breach

Total Points Received – 54
Previous Ranking – 5th (2)

Boston joined the CDL in late December and quickly put together a roster of the top Challenger players. While many would have expected the Breach to be a bottom team, they surprised the league and were one of the better teams in practice. This led the coaches to rank them 5th going into the Kickoff Classic. While they were eliminated in their first match, they are back online for the qualifying matches for Major 1. This could lead to less stress to perform and more comfortability for the young rookies. It would not be surprising to see Boston upset teams in the coming weeks.

8th: Minnesota RØKKR 

Total Points Received – 46
Previous Ranking – 7th (1)

After struggling during the early portions of Black Ops Cold War, Minnesota found its stride and success at the later stages of last season. Could that be the case this season? This roster has a lot of veteran leadership and in-game IQ, which should make them a threat to anyone. Look for the Rokkr to improve in SnD and Control, as those were two of their strongest modes in Black Ops Cold War. If Michael “Major Maniak” Szymaniak is able to keep his form at his current level, we could see a very new look Minnesota Rokkr this week.

9th: Los Angeles Guerrillas

Total Points Received – 36
Previous Ranking – 9th ()

The LA Guerrillas had one of the more disappointing performances of the Kickoff Classic. While the organization hasn’t had much success in two seasons, this newly built roster was constructed to change that perception. While the four veteran players may have struggled in their 1-3 loss to the Florida Mutineers, there is a lot of potential for this team to get better and better as the season progresses. With the multiple repetitions this squad will get during the qualifying matches, watch for them to gain momentum and make a splash at Major 1.

10th: Florida Mutineers

Total Points Received – 35
Previous Ranking – 11th (1)

Many around the league were quick to jump on the Florida Mutineers after what seemed like a rocky offseason. The Mutineers lost star SMG Travis “Neptune” McCloud and veteran Colt “Havok” McLendon during rostermania, and replaced them with rookie David “Davpadie” Maslowki and Reece “Vivid” Drost. While on paper this team was heavy on AR players, they showed that they were still dangerous with 3 SMG on a map like BoCage. The question is how high is their ceiling?

11th: London Royal Ravens

Total Points Received – 30
Previous Ranking – 10th (1)

London came in with a considerable amount of buzz after revamping their roster around Marcus “Afro” Reid. While they fell quickly 3-0 to the Seattle Surge, it shouldn’t be cause for overreaction. The young core of Afro, Joey “Gismo” Owen, and Byron “Nastie” Plumridge will need time to develop chemistry and learn from their veteran IGL Trei “Zer0” Morris. Given time, this roster could very easily turn into a threat to make deep runs at Majors.

12th: Paris Legion

Total Points Received – 15
Previous Ranking – 12th ()

Not too many fans expected much out of the last ranked Paris Legion at the Kickoff Classic, but they still came out with some fight. While they fell to the Thieves in their opening match, Paris showed grit in multiple maps including the Control. SMG player Jacob “Decemate” Cato finished the series with a 1.17 overall KD, including a 29 kill & 20 death performance in the Gavutu Control. If the rest of the veterans continue to improve, the last ranked Paris Legion could become a sneaky pick for upsets.


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