CDL Coaches Poll: Pre-Major 3 Power Ranking

Welcome back to the CDL Coaches Poll brought to you by Breaking Point for the Modern Warfare 2 season! We have again reached out to all 12 CDL coaching staffs around the league to get their thoughts on the current team Power Rankings so far into the Major 3 Qualifying cycle. Each coach ranks the opposing teams 1st through 11th, without putting their own team into the rankings. After collecting the rankings from all 12 franchises, each team would be given points for each vote, as seen below:

1st – 11 points
2nd – 10 points
3rd – 9 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 7 points
6th – 6 points
7th – 5 points
8th – 4 points
9th – 3 points
10th – 2 points
11th – 1 points

Who will win Major 3?

All 12 coaches were asked “who will win Major 3 outside of the team you work for?” Three teams ended up netting votes, with one team leading the way. Here were the results:

Atlanta FaZe : 8
LA Thieves : 3
OpTic Texas : 1

Let us know who you think are the favorites for Major 3 and who you think is the dark horse for the tournament!

The CDL Coaches Power Ranking

1st: Atlanta FaZe

Total Points Received – 119

Leading the ranking is the Major 2 Champions, Atlanta FaZe. The squad recently set the record for longest win streak in the CDL with 11 straight map wins. While their Hardpoint hasn’t looked very strong, they have been able to win series behind Control and SnD. They are currently 3-1 in the qualifying stage, holding the 2nd seed going into Major 3.

Week 3 match[es]:
Sunday 4:30 pm EST vs OpTic Texas

2nd: Los Angeles Thieves 

Total Points Received – 110

LA Thieves have started to click in 2023 in Modern Warfare 2. The squad made a deep Lower Bracket run at Major 2 to make it into the Grand Finals and finished 2nd after pushing Atlanta FaZe to a game 6. They got revenge last weekend, taking down Atlanta 3-1 in the qualifiers. Overall, they currently sit at a 2-1 record with their only loss being to the Las Vegas Legion. Their power comes from the respawn game modes, having a 6-3 record in the qualifiers and 16-4 record at Major 2. Any team will have a tough time beating the Thieves at Major 3!

Week 3 match[es]:
Saturday 3:00 pm EST vs Minnesota Rokkr
Sunday 6:00 pm EST vs Boston Breach

3rd: Toronto Ultra

Total Points Received – 97

Toronto crack into the top 3 in the Power Rankings thanks to a very strong performance in the current qualifiers. After taking down both New York Subliners and OpTic Texas 3-0, the Ultra now have a 3-1 record with a clear path to the 1st seed. Just like the LA Thieves, they are stout in both respawn game modes. In the qualifiers, they currently have a 5-1 record in Hardpoint (3-1 on Hotel) and 3-1 in Control. The roster switch hasn’t slowed down the Ultra, with Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks putting up very similar numbers as Eli “Standy” Bentz but have helped the team progress and regain their form. With the 1st seed in hand, Ultra will look to keep this momentum at Major 3.

Week 3 match[es]:
Saturday 6:00 pm EST vs London Royal Ravens

4th: New York Subliners 

Total Points Received – 91

The Major 1 Champions come in at 4th on the Power Rankings. They didn’t find success at Major 2, finishing Top 8 after falling 2-3 vs Minnesota Rokkr and 0-3 vs LA Thieves. They have rebounded so far in the Major 3 Qualifiers but have a tough test in Week 3. Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez has continued to perform at a high level, supporting a 1.22 overall KD in the qualifiers. The team has been solid in SnD, rocking a 3-1 record, but have struggling 1-3 record in Hardpoint this qualifier. For them to take down the teams above, the Subliners will have to return to form in respawns. Nonetheless, they will be in the mix to take the crown at Major 3!

Week 3 match[es]:
Saturday 7:30 pm EST vs OpTic Texas
Sunday 3:00 pm EST vs Seattle Surge

5th: OpTic Texas

Total Points Received – 90

OpTic Texas round out the top 5 in the Pre-Major 3 rankings. They were one of three teams to earn a 1st place vote, and are a team that has enormous potential heading into their home Major. The resurgence this qualifier has been powered by their SMG duo, Cuyler “Huke” Garland and Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro. Huke currently sits at a 1.15 overall KD with a game mode KD slash of 1.14 HP/1.61 SnD/1.01 CTL. His duo Shotzzy has a 1.18 overall KD with a game mode KD slash of 1.21 HP/1.33 SnD/1.10 CTL. With this duo unlocking their potential, the sky is the ceiling for them!

Week 3 match[es]:
Saturday 7:30 pm EST vs New York Subliners
Sunday 4:30 pm EST vs Atlanta FaZe

6th: Boston Breach

Total Points Received – 73

One of the most interesting teams in the CDL, the Breach land at 6th in the Power Rankings. Dubbed by some as the best team in practice, there is clear potential in the Breach to fight for championships. They have an SMG duo that is one of the fastest in the League backed by a high slaying AR duo in Joseph “Owakening” Conley and rookie Ben “Beans” McMellon. They are also one of the only teams to have a winning record in each of the three game modes so far in the qualifiers through two weeks. If they can translate their momentum in the qualifiers and practice into the Major 3 LAN, they will be a scary team to face in the bracket.

Week 3 match[es]:
Sunday 6:00 pm EST vs LA Thieves

7th: Seattle Surge

Total Points Received – 62

The curse is finally broken, the Seattle Surge have won an online SnD map. After setting a horrible streak of map losses in SnDs online, the Surge beat Minnesota to break it. They are now 2-1 in SnD this qualifier, with both wins coming on Hotel. Next step will be expanding the map pool in the mode once teams start vetoing Hotel. With how good their respawn modes can be, if their SnD can get to a .500 level then they will have high upset potential versus top tier teams.

Week 3 match[es]:
Friday 3:00 pm EST vs London Royal Ravens
Sunday 3:00 pm EST vs New York Subliners

8th: Minnesota RØKKR 

Total Points Received – 51

The Rokkr have now fallen to 8th in the Power Ranking. After finishing Top 3 at Major 2, the Rokkr have struggled drastically. They are on a 5 series loss streak, are 4-15 map count in those series, and are 0-3 in the Major 3 qualifiers. During the qualifiers, the Rokkr are 0-4 in SnD and 0-3 in Control. This is a dire situation for the team, as Las Vegas have improved and are fighting to enter the Top 8 in CDL points. They still have a gap of 50 points, but if they fail to improve in Week 3 and at the Major, the gap will close quickly.

Week 3 match[es]:
Friday 4:30 pm EST vs Las Vegas Legion
Saturday 3:00 pm EST vs LA Thieves

9th: Las Vegas Legion

Total Points Received – 38

The Legion made a late switch coming into the qualifiers, benching Byron “Prolute” Vera in favor of Brendan “2ReaL” Stockdale. The team shocked the Thieves, beating LA 3-1 in their first match of the qualifiers. Since that match, Las Vegas has fallen to both Toronto and Atlanta 1-3. The team showed potential in those matches but they will have to get results in the final week. With good results this week, the Legion will have their first Upper Bracket start and be on the path to closing the gap in the CDL points standings. This week is crucial for the rest of their season. 

Week 3 match[es]:
Friday 4:30 pm EST vs Minnesota Rokkr
Saturday 4:30 pm EST vs LA Guerrillas

10th: Florida Mutineers

Total Points Received – 29

Next up in the Power Rankings are the Florida Mutineers. The Mutineers made multiple changes before the start of qualifiers, changing three players in the starting roster. Carson “Brack” Newberry returned to the lineup, while Kenyen “Capsidal” Sutton and Tyler “FeLo” Johnson joined in. They haven’t found much success so far, supporting a 1-3 series record and 4-10 map count. They were able to take down Boston Breach 3-1 in week 2, but they will need better performances at the Major in order to make a Lower Bracket run. We’re at the point of the season where teams are under immense pressure to earn points or they will not make Champs. Florida are sadly one of those teams.

Week 3 match[es]:
Friday 6:00 pm EST vs LA Guerrillas

11th: London Royal Ravens

Total Points Received – 23

The Royal Ravens move from 12th in the Pre-season Power Ranking to now 11th. Its been a tough season for the Royal Ravens, but they have shown bright spots as of late. During the Major 3 qualifiers, they currently have a 3-2 record in Hardpoint and 2-3 record in SnD. London also took down LAG 3-2 during the last week of qualifiers behind a strong performance by Byron “Nastie” Plumridge. If they can fix their issues in Control, where they are on a 5 map loss streak, then they can showcase their upset potential. 

Week 3 match[es]:
Friday 3:00 pm EST vs Seattle Surge
Saturday 6:00 pm EST vs Toronto Ultra

12th: Los Angeles Guerrillas

Total Points Received – 18

At the bottom of the ranking sits the LA Guerrillas. This is a new position for the organization, but they still have upset potential. When the roster changes happened in Major 2, the team showed very strong play in Hardpoint. Since then, they have fallen in the mode. They are on a 6 map loss streak in Hardpoint, with losses on four maps and are 0-3 on Fortress. To climb back up the rankings, they will either have to improve Hardpoint or SnD to finally start chaining wins together. 

Week 3 match[es]:
Friday 6:00 pm EST vs Florida Mutineers
Saturday 4:30 pm EST vs Las Vegas Legion

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