Call of Duty Challengers Cup #1: Schedule, Bracket, and Streams

The 2021 CDL season is upon us and similar to its inaugural year, we kick it off with a few Challengers tournaments. The first is set for this weekend with several other key events on the horizon. Here is the current upcoming schedule:

  • Challengers Cup #1 – December 5-6
  • Challengers Cup #2 – December 12-13
  • Scouting Series – December 15-18
  • Challengers Cup #3 – January 9-10
  • Challengers Cup #4 – January 16-17

Due to the nature of online competition, three competitions will be held across the world: NA, EU, and APAC. $2,500 (split between 1st and 2nd) is up for grabs in both the NA and EU region with $1,500 allotted for the APAC region. The tournament will run in a single elimination format until Top 8 is reached where a double elimination bracket will commence.

Once the tournament begins, the brackets can be found at the following links:

Although no official stream has been announced, fans can tune into various Twitch streams by players themselves or the community hosted casts. The community hosted casts can be found below:

Matches typically run throughout the weekend with the final rounds of the tournament finishing up on Sunday.

It is this time of the year we begin to see who the breakout players will be. Last season we had the likes of Mack, Owakening, Hollow, and Drazah emerging from the Challengers scene. In the early days of Cold War we have already begun to see some impressive showings from Amateur teams. Check out Breaking Point’s writeup on ,Who would your 13th pro roster be? for additional detail on teams and players to look out for right now.

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