Call of Duty Challengers Cup #1: Recap Part 2

Challengers Cup #1 concluded this past weekend kicking off the year with some great storylines to follow across the NA, EU, and APAC regions. $2,500 was up for grabs in NA and EU with $1,500 in APAC, both split between first and second place. With competitive CoD downsizing from 5v5 to 4v4, this naturally has increased the competition across all levels (pro-level and Challengers). We were able to break down the gameplay and get some statistics for players who performed well over the weekend.

The data includes rounds:

  • Winners’ Round 8
  • Winners’ Round 10
  • Losers’ Round 7
  • Losers’ Round 8
  • Losers’ Round 9
  • Losers’ Round 10
  • Grand Finals

There were many players who shined over the course of Sunday, putting up great numbers round after round. There were also players that struggled as their team’s dropped out of the tournament. We’ll break down each team and each mode for both regions.


The first Challengers Cup was refreshing to watch and gave us the first look of tournament competitive Call of Duty for Black Ops Cold War. There were plenty of great matches over the course of the weekend and put a spotlight on the amateur circuit. Fans got to watch teams and players break out in all three regions, led by a very strong performance from Baby FaZe. Below are the overall statistics for the top 8 players that competed in the North American and European Cups.

On the NA side, the obvious breakout stars of the weekend were Baby FaZe. The squad looked like clear-cut top dogs in North America, finishing with a 1.35 overall team KD. PaulEhx & Venom looked very good in the current meta, being the only two players to finish with a 1.24 KD or higher (1.58 for PaulEhx, 1.50 for Venom). They will look to continue this dominance over the course of this next weekend.

Other notable players in NA included Spoof, Decemate, Karma, Standy, and Ryza. Spoof led HYXR to a 3rd place finish, as he finished with a 1.17 overall KD over Sunday. The SMG player performed very well in Hardpoint and played well until they ran into Baby FaZe. Decemate was a part of the Westeros squad that finished 4th place in the first Cup. Decemate was the lone positive player on the Westeros to go positive on Sunday, finishing with the 3rd best NA overall KD for the day. Karma returned to competitive play last weekend after retiring last season when a part of the Seattle Surge. The veteran led LvG…Imagine on Sunday with a 1.13 overall KD, powered by fantastic gameplay in Search & Destroy. Standy also played well on Sunday with Triumph. Standy and General both played well on the ARs, posting positive KDs, but still fell Top 8. Finally, we have Ryza from Sicario. Ryza played very well in their lone series versus LAG Academy, posting a 1.15 Hardpoint KD for the squad.

In Europe, there were multiple great performances across all 8 of the top 8 finishing teams. Afro was an amazing SMG slaying force for the winners House Tarth, finishing with the 2nd highest overall KD (1.20) in Europe. While Bidz fell to House Tarth in the finals, he still played very well over the course of the weekend en route to finishing with a 1.18 overall KD. The leader for EU in overall KD came from the Bullfrog (ex-Team WaR) in Nastiee. Nastiee was a star for Bullfrog, finishing with a 1.23 KD and helping the team finish 3rd for the cup. Spanish star JurNii had a successful “welcome back” to Europe, helping RAMS finish 4th in the first cup. JurNii finished the tournament with a 1.15 overall KD, playing on another level in Search & Destroy.

Check out the two graphics below to see the overall KD for all 64 players in NA & EU.


Winner: BabyFaZe (PaulEhx, Zaptius, GRVTY, Venom + Coach Fenix)

Runner-Up: Revenge Tour (GloFrosty, MRuiz, Mayhem, Spart)

Leading into Sunday, the top 8 was set for heated competition.

Triumph: Royalty, FeLo, Standy, General

HYXR: Zinx, Pentagrxm, Spoof, Stamino

Revenge Tour: GloFrosty, MRuiz, Mayhem, Spart

LvG, imagine?: ACHES, Classic, Saints, Karma

Westeros: Parasite, Blazt, Decemate, Neptune

Sicario: Pure, Ryza, Nightmare, Gunsiii

Baby Faze: PaulEhx, Zaptius, GRVTY, Venom

LAG Academy: MentaL, Chino, Nero, Exceed

Below is the North American Hardpoint statistics:

Below is the North American Search & Destroy statistics:

Below is the North American Control statistics:


Winner: House Tarth (Defrag, Afro, Gismo, Peatie)

Runner-Up: Singularity (Detain, Bidz, Maple, Denza + Coach DREAL)

Singularity: Detain, Bidz, Maple, Denza

RAMS: JurNii, Lucky, MettalZ, envidiaN

Obtained Esports: Hickey, BBConor, Callum, Harry

House Tarth: Defrag, Afro, Gismo, Peatie

Connect4: MadCat, Weeman, Nolson, Joee

XboxSquad: Wailers, Urban, Breezy, Chain

Team Sween: QwiKeR, Linney, Moose, Keza

Bullfrog: Dqvee, Joshh, Nastie, Vortex

Unfortunately, the European statistics aren’t as complete as the North American data. Damage & Score wasn’t obtainable for three maps, while Kills & Deaths weren’t obtainable for two separate maps. We did our best to get complete data but it is what it is. We fixed the per minute(or round) data so that the missing data won’t skew the data.

Below is the European Hardpoint statistics:

Below is the European Search & Destroy statistics:

Below is the European Control statistics:

Who were the star players of the 1st Challengers’ Cup? Who were the let downs? Who do you expect to perform well or bounce back next week? Let us know at @GGBreakingPoint on Twitter. We’ll see you this weekend for the 2nd Challengers’ Cup.

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