Call of Duty Challengers Cup #1: Recap Part 1

Challengers Cup #1 concluded this past weekend kicking off the year with some great storylines to follow across the NA, EU, and APAC regions. $2,500 was up for grabs in NA and EU with $1,500 in APAC, both split between first and second place. With competitive CoD downsizing from 5v5 to 4v4, this naturally has increased the competition across all levels (pro-level and Challengers).

North America

Winner: BabyFaZe (PaulEhx, Zaptius, GRVTY, Venom + Coach Fenix)

Runner-Up: revenge tour (GloFrosty, MRuiz, Mayhem, Spart)

865 teams signed up to compete in the first Challengers Cup of the season compared to last year’s 546 for the first Modern Warfare 2K tournament. Leading up to the top 8 double elimination bracket, we saw a number of notable teams fall:


  • Insight, Jurd, Rated, Reedy


  • Davpadie, Drazah, Optimum, Prolute
  • Censor, Denz, Goonjar, Zed
  • UYU (Infamous, Super, Tisch, Zyyral)
  • Wrecks, Jimbo, Phantomz, Sib


  • Brack, Nagafen, Proto, Xotic
  • Nfinite (Cells, Charullz, Hollow, Jintroid)
  • Built By Gamers (GodRx, Kismet, Maux, Pandur)

Leading into Sunday, the top 8 was set for heated competition.

  • Triumph: Royalty, FeLo, Standy, General
  • HYXR: Zinx, Pentagrxm, Spoof, Stamino
  • Revengetour: GloFrosty, MRuiz, Mayhem, Spart
  • LvG, imagine?: ACHES, Classic, Saints, Karma
  • Westeros: Parasite, Blazt, Decemate, Neptune
  • Sicario: Pure, Ryza, Nightmare, Gunsiii
  • BabyFaze: PaulEhx, Zaptius, GRVTY, Venom
  • LAG Academy: MentaL, Chino, Nero, Exceed

Three teams in particular made their runs through the bracket. HYXR took down the reigning AM Champs in Triumph followed by defeating RevengeTour 3-0 to come up against BabyFaze where they would lose 0-3 dropping to the losers bracket. RevengeTour after defeating the veteran squad (Karma and co.) dropped to the losers bracket after losing to HYXR in a 3-0. Like their name, RevengeTour made the losers bracket run defeating LAG Academy 3-1 and Parasite’s squad 3-0 leading to a rematch against HYXR in the Losers Finals. Coming down to a game 5, revenge tour would take revenge winning 3-2 earning them a spot in the grand finals. In the Winners Bracket, BabyFaze displayed a dominant performance winning 3-2 VS LAG Academy, 3-0 against Parasite’s squad, and 3-0 against HYXR to net them a spot in the grand finals. The final test was a match against revenge tour where BabyFaze would again win in dominating fashion with a 3-0 to earn themselves the top spot in the NA Challengers Cup #1.

Already, this team is starting to show early vibes of Hybrid Black from Modern Warfare with the likes of Mack, Hollow, Cells, Stamino, Charullz. Time will tell if this team can continue their streak or will another challenger emerge.


Winner: House Tarth (Defrag, Afro, Gismo, Peatie)

Runner-Up: Singularity (Detain, Bidz, Maple, Denza + Coach DREAL)

493 teams showed up to compete for the top spot in the EU Challengers Cup #1. The Top 8 finalists saw the return of many household names:

  • Singularity: Detain, Bidz, Maple, Denza
  • RAMS: JurNii, Lucky, MettalZ, envidiaN
  • Obtained Esports: Hickey, BBConor, Callum, Harry
  • House Tarth: Defrag, Afro, Gismo, Peatie
  • Connect: MadCat, Weeman, Nolson, Joee
  • XboxSquad: Wailers, Urban, Breezy, Chain
  • Team Sween: QwiKeR, Linney, Moose, Keza
  • Bullfrog: Dqvee, Joshh, Nastie, Vortex

House Tarth (3-0 vs Obtained Esports, 3-1 vs RAMS) and Bullfrog (3-0 vs Team Sween, 3-0 vs Connect) both made their runs through the winners’ bracket to meet in the Winners Finals. In the Losers Bracket, Singularity dropped down after Winners Round 1 from a 3-2 loss to RAMS. From here, Singularity went on to win every match (3-2 vs Obtained Esports, 3-0 vs Connect, 3-1 vs RAMS) earning them a spot in the Losers Finals against Bullfrog who would lose to House Tarth 3-1 in the Winners Finals. Bullfrog’s run would end here as Singularity would close it out in a Game 5 winning 3-2. This set up a series finale between House Tarth and Singularity. Singularity would win the first best of five resetting the bracket to a final best of five to determine the overall winner. However, the momentum stopped here as House Tarth defeated Singularity in a final 3-0 to close out the tournament in first place.


On the other side of the world in the APAC region, the fight between the top Australian teams continues with strong challengers from Japan. Top 3 would be a battle between the familiar faces with the following results:

Winner: Renegades (Fighta, Louqa, Pred, Shockz)

Second Place: VOID (Lymax, CronusKun, ManOfChicken, Stocka)

Third Place: Chiefs Esports Club (Swifty, Crimzah, Setzyy, Zepa)

Renegades continued their dominance from last season, taking the first cup with ease over VOID. Their stacked lineup looked very good in the first official tournament and has most fans wondering if any of the APAC teams will make the trip overseas.

Wrapping Up

Big shoutout to the community casters and observers that brought this event to the fans. Unprecedented viewership was hit for a community-run cast peaking at 4,462 for NA, 850 for EU, and 800 for APAC.

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Part 2 of the Recap will cover statistics and cheating storylines tomorrow. With cheaters running rampant in the first cup, the community is very worried about the future of the Challengers division.

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