BreakingPoint Fan Poll #1

Welcome to the first edition to the Breaking Point fan poll! While we get a chance to ask the coaches, talent, and media questions about the game we also wanted to give a voice to the fans.

With the discussions taking place surrounding the ladders that we released last week, it brought an opportunity to see what the fans would change. For the first week we asked questions surrounding the rookie of the year race, who will win the battle for 8th seed, which gun if currently better, and more!

Number of entries : 163

The first question that we asked the fans was which team do they primarily root for in the CDL. The fandom has been unquestionably diversifying under the CDL, but still OpTic take the lead with 50.6% of the votes. The second place team, gathering 14.6% of the votes was Atlanta FaZe. Rounding out the Top 4 was a tie between LA Thieves and Las Vegas Legion, both netting 7.3% of the votes.

Something that we found out in a prior poll is that many fans have been rooting for multiple teams or specific players this season. This is something that the CDL has done a great job of helping develop, with help of the franchises. While the team’s could continue getting better at making content around the League, we are starting to see more and more teams building their fanbases.

Are AR players blessed? Or are the SMGs the ones with the god gun? We asked the fan which weapon is currently stronger and the results were surprising. At 53.9%, the majority thought that the TAQ-56 is the better weapon currently. Whether the players are going to agree to that is another question!

With five seeds currently locked in for CoD Champs, there are just three spots remaining. Boston Breach and Seattle Surge are thought to have a strong grasp on two of the spots, leaving just one between the Las Vegas Legion and Minnesota Rokkr.

Legion took a major step forward this weekend, taking a 3-2 series victory over the Rokkr to bring their lead down to just 10 CDL points. With Minnesota having to play LA Thieves and Toronto Ultra in Week 3 of the qualifiers, it is more than doable for the Legion. When the fans were asked, 56.1% said that the Legion are their picks to make it to Champs. It will surely come down to who places better at Major V in Toronto.

When Breaking Point released our MVP Ladder last week, fans reacted strongly to the snub that Scrappy received. Therefore, we asked the fans who is their current MVP of the season.

aBeZy toke the top spot, netting 83 total votes for the top spot, which matched our ladder. Coming in second, was the rookie from the Ultra, Scrappy with 31 votes. Rounding out the top 5 were Pred (10 votes), Dashy (10 votes), and Octane (9 votes). The award is still up for grabs going into Major V, so a strong result could allow one of these players to jump to the top.

Just as we released an MVP Ladder last week, we also released a Rookie of the Year Ladder. While the lead has been Scrappy’s this season, fans voiced that the other rankings differed from their own. In the end, many of the two lists ended up being similar but with some major differences. The Ladder made with the fans results is:
1. Scrappy
2. Ghosty
3. Hicksy
4. Beans
5. Vikul
6. Kremp
7. JoeDeceives
8. Fame
9. Uli

The CDL has been at 12 teams for four seasons now, with many asking when expansion will be coming to the League. While many would love the League to expand to 16 teams, we also might have up to three franchises changing locations going into next season. Therefore, we asked the fans which city around the World would they like to see have a CDL franchise.

There were 50 cities recommended by the fans, but the most requested ended up being one that was already apart of the CDL in the past. Chicago topped the poll with 36 total votes, followed by the Spanish capital Madrid with 18 total votes. The next most requested city was the capital of Colorado, Denver with 12 votes. Rounding out the top 4 was Washington D.C with 7 votes, which was rumored to join the CDL before the start of the Vanguard season. Hopefully the CDL can start the process of expansion in the near future and support more teams in the US, but also across the World.

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