Breaking Point Fantasy: Captains & How It Works!

For those discovering Fantasy for the first time, Breaking Point runs a Call of Duty Fantasy game in sync with each Call of Duty League (CDL) Stage / Major. How does it work? You start with a budget of $25, and select players priced between $10 and $4 to create your team of four. Each phase resets at the start of each Stage. But wait! Before you sign up, we’re here to tell you about our newest feature! And if you stay till the end, we’ll give a brief explanation of how scoring works.

Without further ado, announcing our new feature for Breaking Point Fantasy.

Introducing Captains

Every team will still be composed of four selections. Except, you will now select one captain, and three regular players. Captains will earn your team 1.1x the points as a regular player, so choose wisely! A not so obvious tip.. your Captain should be the player you expect to earn the most points.

Let’s take a peak at a quick example. Last Stage, we had 22 winners. Congratulations to all of you (again).


For the sake of example, let’s say 11 of these users picked Pred as their captain and the other 11 selected Shotzzy as their captain.


Same team, different Captains, different scores. So.. Major 4’s approaching, do you take the safe approach picking a $9 / $10 Captain, or go bold with your pick.

Sign up here, and submit your team now!

How Does Scoring Work?

You’re still here? Well, read on. We’ve seen enough of you asking for an explanation for how scoring works. For a detailed breakdown, read on here.

However, at a high-level, the scoring is based on kills, deaths, and objective work. Players that perform better on these metrics will naturally score higher than their peers. More kills, less deaths, more objective work, and you’ve got the workings of a star Fantasy player.

How Do Majors Work?

Where things get interesting is the Major. You may have seen Land0 (one of our favorite casters) jump from 12th to 1st place from Week 3 of qualifiers to end of Major.


That’s because the Major is just like LAN. LAN > Online, right?. Picking players from a team that excels at the Major (placement and performance) can net you a big boost in your team’s performance. Scoring from the Major is roughly 30%-40% of your total Fantasy score.

What If A Team Makes A Lower Bracket Run?

The other question we get a lot is, what happens if a team plays more matches in the lower bracket, do they get more Fantasy points? The short answer, is no. During point calculations, we adjust for players who play lower vs upper bracket matches to ensure fair point distribution.

What Happens To Teams Knocked Out Early?

You only earn points for the matches they play, therefore, naturally they will receive less points than players on teams that go the distance at the Major.

And that’s it! You’re now an expert at Breaking Point Fantasy. Head over to our sign up page and submit your team.

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