Breach bounce back, improve to 2-1

The first match of the night had the 1-0 Las Vegas Legion up against the 1-1 Boston Breach. The Legion started the stage off with a 3-2 of a match against the Seattle Surge. During that match, their SnD masterclass was on full display but would their shaky respawns come back to bite them?

Map 1 was Embassy Hardpoint, a map that both teams have played multiple times. The match was back and forth to start, with the Legion having a slight lead after the 5th hill. Boston wouldn’t be down for long, as they won 4 of 5 rotations on the 2nd rotation and had a major +41 point hold on the kitchen hill. With that, the Breach would take the won 250-218 to come from behind and start the series off hot.

While Boston might have thought they had all the momentum, Las Vegas had other plans. The Legion shell-shocked the Breach, winning six straight rounds to take the map 6-1. TJHaly was the major star for the Legion, finishing with 8 kills, 1.60 KD, 1091 damage, and went 2-0 in opening duels. We had a tied series going into the Control!

On El Asilo, neither team have been very successful in Control. Boston have let to play the map in an official match this season, while Las Vegas are 0-2 on the year. Boston won the advantage on the map, taking their 2nd attacking round in round 3. Las Vegas were unable to make anything happen on attack, going 0-2 on the map and lost 1-3. Methodz was the strong anchor for the squad, finishing 19-12 (1.58 KD, with 2249 damage and 17 non-traded kills.

Needing to claw back into the series, Las Vegas would have to take Hydro Hardpoint to tie the series up and force a map 5. While the Breach had a 110-78 lead after the first rotation, the Legion started the second rotation off very strong. They had a +56 perfect hold on P1 and a +43 major hold on P3. With this they built a 207-178 lead. But Boston wasn’t out, they would fight back and go 72-25 to end the map and come out victorious 250-232. They would take the series 3-1 and improve to 2-1 in the qualifiers.

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